I Hate It When Mom And Dad Fight

Grab the popcorn:

For the third time in a month, Dish Network customers are missing out on popular programming due to a dispute with a channel owner.

This time it’s Fox News, one of the most popular cable channels in the United States. The channel disappeared from Dish (DISH)’s lineup shortly after midnight Eastern time Sunday because Dish’s contract to carry Fox News expired before it could be renewed. It was still blacked out on Monday.

Free hand of the market, y’all. Dish is a private company and they can do whatever they want.

I’d like to think Dish customers who watch Fox will be forced to watch “real news” but Dish opted to replace Fox with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, so there is still a steady diet of lies and wackaloonery for the RWNJs to digest.

In its 18-year history, Fox News has never been blacked out by any major television distributor. This dispute will be particularly interesting to watch because Fox has an extraordinarily loyal audience — a “base,” so to speak, that might be motivated to drop Dish.

That’s what Fox says it wants.

I’m not so sure about that. Having just gone through the awful ordeal of changing providers, I think most people will just wait it out. Changing your cable/satellite provider is like changing your health insurance, it’s so confusing with all of the different plans, different bundling options, etc. It’s a huge fucking hassle. We wouldn’t have bothered if our internet hadn’t been so outdated.

Anyway, most people are locked into contracts, and Fox’s “base” are mostly old people who are flummoxed by a lot of this stuff already (I can say that because while I’m not a Fox viewer, I am an old person completely irritated that we have to go through this BS. Back in my day you just turned the TV on and everything you wanted was right there! Off my lawn!)

This is particularly rich:

Earlier this week, Fox News Channel’s parent company 21st Century Fox started to warn that another blackout was looming. On Saturday, Fox ran warnings on-screen that urged its fans to lobby the satellite provider and said “don’t let Dish control the news you watch.”

Um, I’m sorry, but no matter who your provider is they are controlling the news you watch. That’s the glorious, shiny, sparkly, awesome free hand of the market at work, you morons.

Maybe their grandchildren will tell them they can watch all of this stuff on the internet … as long as their ISP doesn’t wrench control of their internet speeds.


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Rich Lowry: Asshole Of The Day

The editor of the conservative National Review, on Twitter tonight:


This, of course, is in reference to the killing of two New York City police officers today by a crazy person who had earlier in the day shot his girlfriend and ended up shooting and killing himself.

Trying to tarnish an entire national movement by highlighting the horribles words or actions of a few individuals is, of course, a favorite political pastime. It’s not something that legitimate pundits and journalists usually indulge in. But then, National Review has always been known more for demagoguery than reasoned intellectual discourse.


Memory hole, June 2014:

Jerad Miller, 31, then covered the officers with a Gadsden flag — a yellow banner with a coiled snake above the words “Don’t Tread on Me” — and placed a note with a swastika symbol on one officer’s body, according to police officials speaking at the news conference.

Someone remind me: was the Tea Party asked to answer for Jerad and Amanda Miller, who struck down two police officers as they ate pizza on their lunch break?


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Good News Friday

Lots of good news this week! And probably quite a lot that I missed, too. Enjoy!

• President Obama is the worst lame duck president ever: this week he announced plans to restore diplomatic ties to Cuba. Republicans are going apeshit but hey, they can always go out and make us some new enemies, right? It’s what they’re best at. On a related note, American Alan Gross was released after five years in a Cuban prison.

• Reversing a Bush Administration rule, transgender workers will now be protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

• Saying it’s “too precious for us to be putting out to the highest bidder,” President Obama has blocked oil and gas drilling in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

• New York state will pursue a ban on fracking.

• The Vatican has concluded its investigation of American nuns begun under Pope Benedict XVI and it seems they are in the clear. This was the weirdest story ever.

• The U.S. Supreme Court has let stand a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision stating Arizona must give driver’s licenses to young immigrants. Another setback for Arizona’s immigrant-bashing governor.

• A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against the manufacturer, distributor and seller of the gun Adam Lanza used to slaughter 26 innocent people at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

• Walmart owes workers $188 million in overtime pay, says the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

• A fetal heartbeat bill died in Ohio’s House.

• Over objections of the NRA, the U.S. Senate confirmed Dr. Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General.

• Tucked into the Cromnibus bill was an item which effectively eliminated the federal government’s longstanding ban on medical marijuana.

• Over a dozen people have been arrested in connection with the deadly meningitis outbreak from 2012 that started at a compounding pharmacy.

• A criminal complaint has been filed against Bush Administration officials in regards to the use of torture.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Nashville and Chattanooga have joined the Cities For Citizenship coalition, which seeks to increase citizenship among immigrant members of the population who are eligible.

• Gov. Haslam has agreed to expand Medicaid in the state. Haslam and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey are pretending their plan is something more principled and conservative than every other plan out there but I just don’t see it, and neither do Tea Partiers, who are apoplectic:

• The Beacon Center of Tennessee

“The Beacon Center of Tennessee firmly opposes Governor Haslam’s move to expand Medicaid and the reach of Obamacare’s tentacles into our state. As our recent study with State Budget Solutions and Federalism in Action exposed, President Obama’s Medicaid expansion would cost our state’s economy $3.6 billion, while causing more than 67,000 Tennesseans to lose their jobs.”‎

and …

• Americans for Prosperity Tennessee

“We’re disappointed Governor Haslam has decided to try implementing more of ObamaCare in Tennessee, even as many of his colleagues in other states have held the line and protected their constituents from this disastrous law. Hybrid plans in other states have proven to be little more than expansion by another name, and our volunteers plan on engaging aggressively, as that is likely to be the case here in Tennessee.”

• Two Tennessee teachers survived 73 days under water.

• Wingnut state Rep. Rick Womick’s not getting anywhere with his abortion ultrasound bill.

• There is bipartisan legislation to end racial profiling by state law enforcement.

• A Nashville singer won The Voice. Congratulations, Craig Wayne Boyd! Okay, I don’t watch that show so I have no idea what kind of singer Boyd is but I’m gonna guess he swings country.

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GA’s Gun Fail

I wrote about the “accidental” shooting of a Muslim woman in the tourist town of Helen, Georgia, back in August. At the time I wrote:

Some information about the victim: a newly-naturalized U.S. citizen, native of Iraq. She was wearing a hijab, as were the other women with her.

Has me wondering if this was accidental after all. Which makes the “guns everywhere” law all the more odious: racist assholes can pick off their victims and no one can do a damn thing about it until it’s too late.

Now it’s four months later, and we have no more clarity on the case than we did after it happened. However, we do have one piece of new information: Glenn Lampien was drunk. Oh, yes! Our safest, most responsible evah are … well, not. He had skipped out on his bar tab and had, in fact, carried his gun into a bar that had a “No Firearms” sign posted.

I know y’all are shocked.

Was it a hate crime? We’ll never know. I have my doubts. Either way, it appears Georgia’s “gunseverywhere” law was a huge fail. One of our safest, most responsible evah wasn’t. Because when you know you have to leave your gun at home, you aren’t tempted to carry it into a bar where they aren’t allowed. You aren’t tempted to have a drink or three in that bar.

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Happy To Let The Terrorists Win This One

God, all of this hand-wringing about “censorship” since Sony Pictures announced it was pulling the release of “The Interview!” Smart people, people I respect, are all decrying the decision, but this is one time where I’m gonna say: y’all asked for it. Who thought a comedy showing the U.S. government assassinating an actual, real head of state in an extremely grotesque and graphic fashion was a good idea? It was poor taste all the way around. Maybe a little self-censorship next time, guys?

This wasn’t satire a la Trey Parker and Matt Stone of “Team America World Police.” It was an ill-conceived and un-funny idea from the get-go. Someone should have stepped in long before now; the fact that they didn’t shows how few grown-ups there are in “young Hollywood.”

I’m no fan of the North Korean regime by any means, but I don’t think murder is funny (hey maybe it’s just me!) and I sure don’t think assassinating leaders of foreign countries is funny (sorry, not even Kim Jong Un). When the United States’ international reputation is getting hammered for the CIA’s use of torture, trying to get yuks out of the North Korean leader’s exploding head is in really poor taste. It would be different if they had used a fictitious leader of a fictitious country, but no. They had to push the envelope. Well, sometimes when you push the envelope, the envelope pushes back. Lesson learned.

There’s a lot of nuance to this story that’s being overlooked: the fears of theater chain owners who didn’t want to scare moviegoers away from the multiplex, for one thing, or the fact that Sony’s Japanese owners are far more impacted by North Korea than is America. But the hubris of Hollywood players claiming the moral high ground and crying “censorship” over a puerile buddy comedy filled with butt jokes that was already getting bad reviews is pretty silly. This ain’t “Citizen Kane,” and I’m not sure it’s the best place to be planting your free speech flag.

Movie studios pull the plug on projects all the damn time. I don’t recall anyone crying “censorship” the last time a movie went straight to video, do you?


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Tennessee Gun Report

Two accidental shootings this week, one fatal.

• December 15, 2014:

1- A 6-year-old Memphis boy shot his 4-year-old sister in the face at their grandmother’s house. The gun was kept “for home protection.”

2- Also in Memphis: a paranoid 61-year-old man mistook his wife for an intruder and shot her in their bedroom. She died.

3- A 19-year-old Greeneville man shot a 6-month-old cat named Grandpa in the back of the head at point-blank range for no reason other than he’s a sadistic fuck. Donations to his veterinary care are currently being sought.

4- In unrelated acts, a dog and cow were also shot in Greeneville. Greeneville has a gun problem, as I noted in a June gun report.

5- Today in armed society/polite society: an intoxicated Hawkins County man fired a handgun at two neighbors with whom he had a property dispute. Various drugs and guns were later found inside his home. Law abiding, etc.

• December 11, 2014:

A Nashville woman angered that the Dept. of Children’s Services was going to put her infant in foster care returned to the DCS building with a gun and shot up the building and a car in the parking lot. Great way to prove your fitness as a parent, lady.


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Congratulations, Unnamed GA Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour!

In guns-everywhere Georgia, packing heat to walk the dog (as one does!) results in a bullet wound to the thigh when one is tripped by their dog (as they’ll do). Drum roll, please:

A man walking his dog along Chalfont Drive accidentally shot himself when the dog crossed in front of him, causing him to fall, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report.

Police talked to the man at Athens Regional Medical Center and learned that he was carrying the handgun in a jacket pocket, and it discharged when he tripped over his dog. The bullet went through the man’s thigh, according to the police report.

Ta da!


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