Tell Them Willie Boy Sent Ya

It’s been a crazy week with the new puppy, work, preparing for family to visit, etc. Willie has settled right in and is already twice the dog that Chaka and Riley are — as in, knows to sit, stay, go to bed, and DON’T TRIP MAMA WALKING ON THE LEASH. He doesn’t pull, he’s not aggressive, and will grow out of his chewing phase. Now if I can only get him past his feline curiosity he’ll be the perfect dog.

I’m really amazed at what a quick learner he is. It’s taken me years to train Riley to do stuff that Willie is doing after a week, and even then Riley is only somewhat obedient on account of that stubborn pit bull thing. I don’t mean to razz on Riley, he’s a great dog, but he’s quite the pain in the butt compared to a more trainable pup like Willie. And Chaka has been a nutball from day one.

Here are some pictures. Regular blogging to (hopefully) resume soon.

Willie and Riley playing tug-o-war:


Tuckered out after a long, long walk:

willie 1

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Congratulations, Unidentified CA Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour!

Hey kids, while you’re taking Pops’ car keys away, maybe take the firearms away, too:

In what can only be described as a freak accident, a 77-year-old Running Springs woman was shot in the back early Sunday morning when her 81-year-old husband’s handgun discharged as he was retrieving a flashlight from his nightstand drawer.

“In what can only be described as a freak accident”? Are you fucking serious with that shit? How about, “In what can only be described as a completely predictable incident that was just a matter of time…”

Dumbasses. Add #MediaFAIL to that hashtag, too.

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Don’t You Hate It When You Go To A Parade & Come Home With A Puppy?

Yesterday we went to a Christmas event and Metro Animal Control (aka, the pound, and no, I don’t even mean like the Humane Society, I mean the city jail for unwanted pets) had some pups out for adoption and this little fella just stole my heart:


His name is Willie, and yes, he’s in that “I experience the world by chewing on it” stage of puppyhood. Four months old, labrador/pit mix. Initially the other dogs extended a welcoming paw though Willie has decided that All Beds And Toys Are Belong To Me, so Riley is rethinking this whole “new puppy” thing:

R&W 1

And as for the cats, well, it’s obvious he thinks they’re self-propelling dog toys. The cats are giving him a wide, wide berth right now. And Riley is pretty sure I’m going to change my mind:


I’ll keep you posted!


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Good News Friday

Your weekly round-up. Enjoy!

More good news from election day:

• Tallahassee, FL made history for passing the country’s first-ever anti-corruption act.

• Gina Raimondo became the first Democrat elected governor of Rhode Island since 1992 — and its first-ever female governor.

• In Wisconsin, 12 metropolitan areas passed referenda amending the U.S. Constitution and overturning Citizens United.

• Despite that right-wing talking point, Democrats actually gained significant support among women voters in the 2014 midterms.

In other news:

• New York firefighters rescued workers trapped over 60 stories in the air at the World Trade Center. Amazing. So much respect for FDNY.

• Suckit, Koch Bros.: Wall Street is bullish on solar power. Here’s why.

• We landed a dang space probe on a freaking COMET, everybody. Holy cow.

• China and the U.S. forge a ground-breaking climate deal.

• AOL is ending its membership in ALEC, the latest in a flurry of tech firms to do so.

• Craig Spencer, the New York doctor, is Ebola-free. So, America is also Ebola-free, no Americans have died of Ebola, and yet right-wing media managed to scare Amygdala America to the voting both over Ebola. Impressive.

I wonder why all of those Americans were cured of this supposedly lethal disease while all of those poor Africans were not? Thinking ….

• The Netherlands opens the world’s first solar road to bicyclists. The 70-meter road will generate electricity as well as serve as a public bicycle roadway.

• A potential Ebola outbreak in Mali was thwarted thanks to quick action.

• As anticipated, our awesome hippie pope demoted Cardinal Raymond Burke, the highest-ranking American at the Vatican, to a position with no responsibilities. Burke is a homophobe and wingnut who once denied John Kerry communion over abortion. Enjoy your time in irrelevancy, douchebag.

• Horrible person Don Blankenship — ex-CEO of Massey Energy of Upper Big Branch mine disaster fame — has been indicted for violating and conspiring to cover up mine safety violations.

• Denmark is ditching coal in favor of wind energy. Coal currently accounts for 30% of Denmark’s electricity production, but the Danes plan to ban coal by 2025.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• The UAW says it’s close to getting recognition at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant.

• Lynchburg’s Jack Daniel’s Distillery has donated $100,000 to help enlisted military and their families be together over the holidays.

This week’s video is from last week’s Colbert Report:

Oops sorry, saw the video has been removed. Will have to find you another one.


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Congratulations, Unnamed Ohio Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

From the annals of safest, most responsible EVAH:

DAYTON — A man said he accidentally shot himself in the leg while driving, and hospital staff said his injury could be life-threatening, according to a police report.

The man kept driving his SUV onto a Dayton fire station to get help, and was taken to Miami Valley Hospital. According to the report, he went directly into surgery.

The man told emergency workers at the South Smithville Road fire station that he had been driving when his gun fell onto the floorboard. He said when he picked the weapon up, it fired and hit him in the thigh, the report states.

According to police, he does have a CCW and it appears the shooting was accidental.

Ta da!


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Good News Friday

I’m a day late and a dollar short on this week’s Good News roundup. Sorry, I’m sure y’all need some cheering-up from the eternal optimist wing of the Democratic Party, too. Here ya go!

We start with some more election night good news that didn’t make my first round-up:

• Chevron tried to buy the election in Richmond, CA and got resoundingly thwacked for its trouble.

• A soda tax passed in Berkeley.

• Voters in 78 Tennessee cities approved referendums (referenda?) allowing the sale of wine in grocery stores. Let me add: while I am in favor of wine sales in grocery stores, this was the most fucked-up, protectionist piece of legislation I’ve ever seen come out of a Republican legislature since forever. In particular, it mandates grocery stores markup their wine 20% — that’s big gummint sticking its nose in the pricing business. Gee, I thought the free hand of the market was supposed to do that! How is that not government overreach? Republicans don’t seem to mind when big corporations use their muscle to put the little guy out of business in any other area of trade. Does anyone remember Republicans demanding Walmart require a 20% markup on all of their products to keep the retail giant from undercutting mom-and-pop stores in small town America? Me, neither.

• Biology-textbook-censoring Tea Party wackaloons on the Gilbert, AZ school board got ousted.

• Voters in towns in California, Ohio and Texas banned fracking.

• Tribal elections in North Dakota could mean tighter restrictions on oil companies drilling on tribal lands.

• Californians voted against mass incarceration with a ballot initiative that reclassified six nonviolent felonies as misdemeanors.

• Voters approved paid sick days in Massachusetts; Oakland, CA; and Trenton and Montclair, N.J.

In other news:

• I was never a fan of the concept but you young kids might enjoy this trip down nostalgia lane: ’50s restaurant chain Johnny Rockets plans to open 200 drive-in theaters by 2018.

• Two more Americans were freed from North Korean labor camps. First off, let me say: welcome home. Now, let me say to Jeffrey Fowles, arrested for leaving a Bible in a night club bathroom; Matthew Miller, who (allegedly) destroyed his tourist visa and demanded asylum; and Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American missionary with YWAM:

You fucking idiots. You go to a place like North Korea and do stupid shit like leave Bibles lying around, what the fuck did you think would happen? You are fucking lucky that the supposedly “anti-Christian” Moooslim Usurper-in-Chief moved heaven and earth to get you religious crackpots out of that hellhole. Did an angel of the lord bust you out of jail, like Paul from Acts 12:3? No, it was power and might of the American government led by a man so many of you religious fanatics despise. Suck on that and stop doing stupid shit. I feel about you the same way I felt about those idiots from Arizona, the Gastonguays. I am tired of all of you. Your religion doesn’t make you bulletproof and it sure hasn’t made you any smarter.

You know what? If you want to be Super Christians and help people in foreign lands, go to fucking Sierra Leone and help the people dying of Ebola. Then the only people trying to keep you from coming home will be the Republicans in America.

• Atheists scored a major win in federal court, which ruled that Secular Humanism is a religion.

• Gay marriage is legal in Kansas. So much rich irony in that.

• Read this Christian ethicist’s argument for why he is is pro-gay.

• A Malaysian appeals court overturned an Islamic law against cross-dressing.

• The U.S. Army Command Policy has removed “Negro” as an acceptable term for black soldiers after it was discovered last Thursday in the manual’s race and ethnic code definition section. No one knows how long it’s been there.

• Bittersweet: a dying British woman who once worked at the racetrack was granted her last wish, to say goodbye to her favorite horse. Apparently they shared a goodbye kiss. So sweet and sad:


This week’s video:

A woman’s life captured in a 3:40 minute animated short. Cool.


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Congratulations, Anthony William Griffith! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Drum roll, please:

Anthony William Griffith, 19, of White Sulphur Springs, has been arrested after allegedly firing a AK-47 inside his home on Tuckahoe Road around 11 a.m. Monday and injuring 26-year-old Effie Harth and her 4-year-old son, according to a criminal complaint filed with the Greenbrier County Magistrate Court.

In the report, Cpl. J. L. Burdette said Harth was struck twice, once in the left forearm and once in the back of the left leg, and was airlifted to Roanoke Memorial Hospital. The 4-year-old was struck in the neck and taken to Greenbrier Valley Medical Center for treatment.

In a statement to police, Williams said he got out the weapon, cleared the chamber, put the ejected round back into the magazine, and then put the magazine back into the gun, ready to go behind the residence and target shoot.

Williams told police the gun went off and scared him.

The two victims were in the kitchen and empty cartridges were recovered on the living room floor, according to the complaint. It is unclear if the victims were shot through a wall.

According to the complaint, “The accused stated that this firearm is in good functional order, but is a semiautomatic rifle, requiring the trigger to be pulled for each shot to be fired. If this started as an accident, the accused continued to fire three more rounds, all the while inside the residence and pointing this firearm at two persons.”

Witnesses at the scene told police Williams has threatened to kill people in the home prior to Monday’s incident, and that he has discharged rounds in the home before.

Why the fuck was this nutball allowed to have any gun, let alone an AK-47? Oh right, I forgot: freedom, Constitution, mah raaaahts!, etc. etc. Thinning the herd, y’all.

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