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Cats Are Endlessly Amusing

I could watch this video for hours:

I mean, it’s got everything. Cats. Moar Cats. Bouncing balls.

I wondered how long it would take for Cat A to destroy this toy. And then, What’s the little guy behind the shower curtain doing? Trying to play with the toy but knowing he can’t because Big Guy has bogarted the bouncing balls.

Hilarious. Oh and clearly Maine Coons. They are the bestests.

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Your Cat’s Favorite Christmas Present

Works for children too, I hear:

Como In A Box

Como In A Box


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Cats Explain The News

I admit to being woefully ignorant of most things Pakistani, but I thought this “Pakistani Reactions To Breaking News Explained Through Cats” bit hilarious.

All breaking news should be explained through cats. Seriously.

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Public Service Announcement: Pet Edition

People, I have to warn you: do not and I repeat do not, under any circumstances, use CostCo’s “Kirkland Signature” brand of flea & tick control! We’ve just had a disastrous experience not even 24 hours after applying the product to our cats.

I’ve used Advantage, Frontline and Revolution on our six cats for years. I didn’t know that CostCo even had its own brand of flea & tick treatment until Mr. Beale and I attended a crafts fair and CostCo had a table set up where they were advertising this stuff and selling memberships. Well, we’ve been CostCo members for years so we thought, “cool, a cheaper flea & tick treatment, what’s not to love?”

Hair loss! And a nasty mess all over the house, that’s what! OMG, this is the worst stuff ever. Almost as soon as we applied the treatment our cats’ hair started falling out. And the stuff doesn’t absorb like other flea products, so it leaves huge greasy stains everywhere — furniture, bedding, you name it. I had to wash the sheets on our bed after Quinn took his afternoon nap on it!


Quinn's hair started falling out ....

Quinn’s hair started falling out ….

So did Como's ..... finding this stuff EVERYWHERE ....

So did Como’s ….. finding this stuff EVERYWHERE ….

…. and I won’t bore you with photos of my dirty laundry. I’m wishing I’d read the product reviews at Amazon before using this stuff because the reviews are universally negative. I’m so disappointed in CostCo, it appears this product has been poisoning peoples’ pets for over a year, and there they are promoting it at a crafts’ fair? Shame on them.

I’m worried sick that more serious symptoms will appear. Our cats are like our children, and the idea that I’ve actually poisoned my animals has me frantic. I’m going to call the vet as soon as they open and see what they recommend, I might be spending my day giving six cats a bath. :-0

Anyway, it’s too late for me, but save yourselves! Do not use this product!

Quinn in happier times, like, last week.

Quinn in happier times, like, last week.


Just spent about 2 hours on the phone with the vet, CostCo, product manufacturer, Animal Product Services Safety Center, etc. Diagnosis: bathing in Dawn dishwashing liquid.

They are not amused:

Pissed off kitty.

Pissed off kitty.

Misery loves company.

Misery loves company.


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Kitty Sunday

I got nuthin’ today … really busy weekend for us, and if I can take advantage of 50-degree sunshine to wash the bird poop off my car, I will.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of adorable Oscar. Oscar went through a really weird stage where he’d look so dang cute but as soon as the shutter clicked, his eyes would cross, his hair would stick out in all different directions, and his teeth would snaggle. I just couldn’t get a decent picture of him to save my life. But he seems to have figured out this “pose for the camera” thing.


Also, enjoy this interactive map of vaguely rude place names, because not everyone likes cats, and I feel like I’m 12 today.


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Kittehs ‘n Puppehs

Are you excited for the big game? And by that I do mean Puppy Bowl! I totally am! I’m rooting for Gunther, who reminds me of my own Riley, though Masquerade has that awesome one-blue-one-brown eye thing going. Here’s the starting lineup.

A few readers have asked me for some more kitteh and puppeh blogging. Without further ado:

Riley Thinks Julius Needs More Bediquette

Riley Thinks Julius Needs More Bediquette

Quinn: Assistance Neither Required Nor Desired

Quinn: Assistance Neither Required Nor Desired

Cleo: I Can Haz Another Cushion?

Cleo: I Can Haz Another Cushion?

Cleo is the senior citizen in the house. She’s 14 years old and really doing well since her kidney surgery back in August. I was doing some housecleaning today and had the dog beds piled up so I could mop floors and she thought that looked like the perfect place for her achey bones!

Below is my own version of Puppy Bowl: Chaka and Riley playing in our pathetic snowfall (which is all gone, I might add). You might need some Dramamine before watching the video; hey, I shot it on an iPhone, what can I say:


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Oscar has been with us for about seven months now. He’s a pistol! Cutest little thang. We did have a scare a few weeks ago when Oscar caught some kind of bug. Since he’s FIV+ any little thing really knocks him on his butt. We got him on some antibiotics right away and he was out of commission for about a week but he’s all better now.

He loves to be snuggled and does this thing where he shoves his nose in my face repeatedly. He’s also the only cat I’ve ever known who drools copiously when he purrs.

Oscar adores his big sister Etta, who has figured out she can get away from him by jumping on the bathroom counter. Oscar hasn’t figured out that he can probably jump up there too. Oscar also loves to pester Etta’s nemesis Moses. Moses has attacked Etta violently — we have to keep the two separated at all times — but when Oscar comes around Moses runs and hides like a little girl.



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