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GA’s Gun Fail

I wrote about the “accidental” shooting of a Muslim woman in the tourist town of Helen, Georgia, back in August. At the time I wrote:

Some information about the victim: a newly-naturalized U.S. citizen, native of Iraq. She was wearing a hijab, as were the other women with her.

Has me wondering if this was accidental after all. Which makes the “guns everywhere” law all the more odious: racist assholes can pick off their victims and no one can do a damn thing about it until it’s too late.

Now it’s four months later, and we have no more clarity on the case than we did after it happened. However, we do have one piece of new information: Glenn Lampien was drunk. Oh, yes! Our safest, most responsible evah are … well, not. He had skipped out on his bar tab and had, in fact, carried his gun into a bar that had a “No Firearms” sign posted.

I know y’all are shocked.

Was it a hate crime? We’ll never know. I have my doubts. Either way, it appears Georgia’s “gunseverywhere” law was a huge fail. One of our safest, most responsible evah wasn’t. Because when you know you have to leave your gun at home, you aren’t tempted to carry it into a bar where they aren’t allowed. You aren’t tempted to have a drink or three in that bar.

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Tennessee Gun Report

Two accidental shootings this week, one fatal.

• December 15, 2014:

1- A 6-year-old Memphis boy shot his 4-year-old sister in the face at their grandmother’s house. The gun was kept “for home protection.”

2- Also in Memphis: a paranoid 61-year-old man mistook his wife for an intruder and shot her in their bedroom. She died.

3- A 19-year-old Greeneville man shot a 6-month-old cat named Grandpa in the back of the head at point-blank range for no reason other than he’s a sadistic fuck. Donations to his veterinary care are currently being sought.

4- In unrelated acts, a dog and cow were also shot in Greeneville. Greeneville has a gun problem, as I noted in a June gun report.

5- Today in armed society/polite society: an intoxicated Hawkins County man fired a handgun at two neighbors with whom he had a property dispute. Various drugs and guns were later found inside his home. Law abiding, etc.

• December 11, 2014:

A Nashville woman angered that the Dept. of Children’s Services was going to put her infant in foster care returned to the DCS building with a gun and shot up the building and a car in the parking lot. Great way to prove your fitness as a parent, lady.


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Congratulations, Unnamed GA Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour!

In guns-everywhere Georgia, packing heat to walk the dog (as one does!) results in a bullet wound to the thigh when one is tripped by their dog (as they’ll do). Drum roll, please:

A man walking his dog along Chalfont Drive accidentally shot himself when the dog crossed in front of him, causing him to fall, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report.

Police talked to the man at Athens Regional Medical Center and learned that he was carrying the handgun in a jacket pocket, and it discharged when he tripped over his dog. The bullet went through the man’s thigh, according to the police report.

Ta da!


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Congratulations, Veronica Dunnachie! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour!

Texas “guns rights”/open carry advocate Veronica Dunnachie, who appeared at several Open Carry Texas and Open Carry Tarrant County events, has been arrested for allegedly shooting and killing her husband and step-daughter. She apparently shot and killed the two, then checked herself in to a mental hospital. Pretty sure she should have gone to the mental hospital first.

So much for safest, most responsible, etc.


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White man parades in front of a high school in one of Nashville’s wealthiest neighborhoods with a high-powered rifle. He’s not shot by police. Indeed, he’s not even arrested:


White people walk down the street in Medina, Ohio with AK-47s. Are not shot by police. Indeed, they aren’t even arrested:


Black man picks up an air rifle from a shelf in an Ohio Walmart. He’s shot and killed by police. Grand jury does not indict the officers.

Black child with airsoft rifle in public park is gunned down by police. Grand jury decision pending.

The take-away: White people can parade around public places with massive firepower on display. Black people cannot carry a toy gun through the very store that sells them. Why is this? Black people are scary. Duh.

When the open carry loons walk around with their guns in Nashville, Tennessee, or Medina, Ohio or or Texas, what they’re really doing is reaffirming their power and privilege. They do it because they can. Let us imagine what would happen if a black man walked by Hillsboro High School with a high-powered rifle strapped to his back. He’d be lucky to see the sunset. That’s just reality.

I wonder why that is.

A popular ruse among the fringe of the gun-nuttery is that modern gun control laws are enacted to deny African Americans their 2nd Amendment rights. Which is a hilarious denial of history. Sorta like saying the Democrats are the real racists because Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

American history. Enjoy:


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Tennessee Gun Report

I’ve been too busy to check my local papers for gun loonery this month. Nonetheless, a few Tennessee gun fails have crossed my path. This is a November round-up, by no means comprehensive, but it looks like we had a few accidental shootings nonetheless. Enjoy.

• December 1, 2014:

1- A veteran Knoxville police officer accidentally shot himself in the thigh with his personal weapon while getting out of his car.

2- A Greeneville man attempting to fix his lawnmower by shooting a hole in the blade was, predictably, injured by flying metal shards. Dumbass.

3- East Tennessee. ‘nuff said:

Shortly before 5 a.m. police responded to a report of shots fired on Harrison Avenue. Upon arrival, the complainant stated that a neighbor had been outside on his porch at approximately 10 p.m., “cussing and beating on things.” She put in ear plugs to “ignore him” and get some sleep, but when she awoke six hours later he was still “yelling and cussing.” When he fired a gun, she called police. They found the man to be intoxicated with a rifle, charged him with reckless endangerment and booked him into the city jail.

• November 29, 2014:

TSA agents at the Nashville International Airport discovered the 45th weapon in carry-on:

Transportation Security Administration spokesman Ross Feinstein says the loaded and chambered Taurus Millennium Pro 140 .40 S&W pistol turned up in the bag of a passenger headed for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Saturday.

Feinstein says the gun had nine rounds of .40 ammunition inside.

So responsible, y’all.

• November 26, 2014:

A Jackson man accidentally shot his brother. No charges filed.

• November 24, 2014:

A Memphis man accidentally shot himself in the leg in the parking lot of a supermarket.

• October 30, 2014:

1- Mom puts gun in baby stroller, it accidentally fired. Oops.

2- A Memphis elementary school was put on lockdown after a gun was found on campus.


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Congratulations, Jon Holzwarth! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour


Jon Holzwarth, serial offender:

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. — The parents of a 3-year-old boy who was accidentally shot in the face by a 4-year-old neighbor had argued about access to guns at their home, court records show.


The boy’s mother had filed a protection order against the father in January 2013, saying he left a gun in a nightstand and in a car with children. In a divorce filing, he accused her of leaving a handgun in her purse. Both denied the accusations and said they were responsible gun owners, The Seattle Times reported Monday.

The protection order was dismissed a few weeks later due to insufficient evidence of domestic violence, the newspaper reported.


Responsible gun owner/prominent 2nd Amendment “gun rights” advocate Jon Holzwarth was babysitting his three-year-old son and his neighbor’s four-year-old grandson when a totally responsible thing happened: his son somehow was shot in the mouth. Imagine that:

According to Snohomish County deputies, the shooting happened in a bedroom that was locked.

Holzwarth told them he heard a loud boom and ran to the bedroom where his son, Michael, and his neighbor’s 4-year-old grandson were playing.

He forced the locked door open and initially thought his son had gotten hurt that way.

At Providence Everett Medical Center, doctors discovered the boy had been shot in the mouth.

He was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

No one answered at Holzwarth’s door where a sign reads: “We don’t dial 9-1-1″ with a metal cutout of a pistol dangling below.

There were also emblems about guns on his Jeep.

On Saturday, his son was struggling to survive from a gunshot wound — a tragic irony not lost on his neighbor.

Oh, yes. The irony. I’m sure Holzwarth’s guns protected his family dozens and dozens of times before this tragic incident, though.

Here’s Holzwarth in happier times, protesting a ban on guns in parks in Snohomish County:

“When seconds count and police are minutes away, you need people like me who are mentally stable and know how to handle a gun,” said John Holzwarth, of Lake Stevens. “We need to be out there, in your park, in your theater, in your stadium.”

Yeah, I’m thinking …. no. This is indeed a sad story, and I hope young Michael recovers and dad learns a lesson or two about “responsible gun ownership”: namely, that there is no such thing. Guns in the home are an accident waiting to happen:

According to a report filed by the Washington State Department of Social Health Services, a child or teen is killed once every seven and a half hours with a gun, either by accident or by suicide. In 72 percent of these cases, the firearm used was housed in the victim’s own residence. Many of these weapons were locked away in a secure place, yet 48 percent of those who own guns do not equip them with child safety and trigger locks.

I’d just love to know if Holzwarth believes in trigger locks and other modern technology designed to prevent what happened to his son?


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