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2nd Amendment Heroes, Husband & Wife Edition

I’m still on vacation but as always you Dear Readers are never far from my mind. In light of the fact that 9-year-olds are firing Uzis and the media has dredged up every gun loon in America to talk about how it’s perfectly safe, normal, admirable, advisable, etc. for them to do so, I thought this dispatch from the world of the Safest Most Responsible Evah might be in order:

Gerald Hitchler, 76, and his wife, Susan, 67, who have a second home in Door County, visited the fun park and Gerald apparently left a .380-caliber Ruger in a brown holster on the floor of the restroom. A customer found the gun and turned it in to the owner, who in turn contacted the Door County Sheriff’s Department.

A sheriff’s incident report noted the gun was loaded with seven rounds of ammunition. The serial number was traced to the owner, and the report indicated Gerald was shocked when he was called and learned they had the weapon. The case was initially closed and Gerald was supposed to pick it up this week.

Sheriff’s Investigator Connie Schuster confirmed they received additional information and the case has been reopened showing Gerald’s wife, Susan Hitchler, also left a semiautomatic loaded handgun in a stall of the women’s restroom on March 19 at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield.

Isn’t that special. But wait, there’s more:

Gerald was contacted by phone and asked if he realized the gun was missing and he responded, “not really.”

He said the incident was “funny, accidental” and “not a big deal.”

Well I guess it is for him, seeing as how he and his wife routinely leave loaded guns lying around in public places because Freedom.

And the best part:

The Hitchlers have concealed carry permits, and it appears each has a similar weapon.

In the world of gun-crazy America, leaving your loaded guns behind while still calling yourself the “safest, most responsible evah” is perfectly normal. As is having children firing machine guns, etc. etc. Sickos.


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Tennessee Gun Report

Another “freak accident” killed a four-year-old in Tennessee this week. Amazing how these “freak accidents” happen every week, isn’t it?

• August 19, 2014:

The family of a 68-year-old Blount County man who was accidentally shot and killed by a Sheriff’s deputy last year has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Details of the incident, which I dimly remember from last year, are a stunning example of our “shoot first” mentality run amok:

Ragland was conducting a property check at 1856 Mentor Road in Louisville following two reported burglaries at the rental property that week. At about the same time, Taylor was making his own check inside the garage.

Ragland told investigators he saw a broken window and went to investigate it, then shined his flashlight inside and saw a man with a gun. He said he shouted at the man and fired repeated shots, killing Taylor.

Stunningly bad form by a Sheriff’s deputy, though plenty of gun loons have made the same mistake, and come on places like my blog to defend their actions. “Heck yeah if I see someone on mah properteee I’m a-shootin’ ‘em!”

Fucking idiots. We live in a country where we value property more than people. So yes, DO tell me how “pro life” y’all are. You aren’t pro-life, you’re just materialistic jerks.

• August 18, 2014:

A man driving on Nashville’s Ellington Parkway flashed a lighter that looked like a small gun at another driver in a road rage incident. He was arrested:

According to an affidavit, the victim was driving south on Ellington Parkway when a green Toyota Camry kept speeding up and slowing down in front of him.

The victim told police the driver, later identified as Anthony Raymer, pointed a small metallic copper-colored handgun at him when he tried to pass the Camry.

• August 17, 2014:

1- A four-year-old Clarksville boy has died after finding a gun and shooting himself in the chest.

2- Seventy-eight-year-old Bobby Russell had apparently been stewing for 40 years over that time back in the ’80s he sold his Englewood package store to Bill Haney. He showed up and shot Russell Haney, and then found and fatally shot 80-year-old Bill Culberson, who was also involved with the store. Armed society, polite society:

Russell was an original owner of the package store and seemed to have an obsession with the fact that he had once owned it, said Guy.

Old people and guns. About as wonderful as old people and cars.

• August 13, 2014:

A thrift shop in Springfield is offering discounts to valid gun permit holders for some weird reason.

• August 12, 2014:

One of our most responsible gun owners evah responsibly forgot all about the loaded .380 with a round chambered that was in their carry-on bag at the Nashville airport.

• And closing out the week: not Tennessee related at all but if you need a laugh, check out the reviews for “My Parents Open Carry.” They are delightful.


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Did GA’s Liberal Gun Laws Enable A Hate Crime?

Starting to look that way:

Araim, who was Muslim, and her three female companions were wearing hijab, the traditional Islamic head covering that symbolizes modesty for women in public, her nephew, Omar Araim, said Monday.

Whether Lampien saw Araim and the other women before the shooting was not clear. Neither the Helen police nor the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which took over the case Sunday, responded to requests for information Monday. The Helen police deleted information about the shooting posted Sunday on the department’s Facebook page.

Information is still sketchy at this point. But it explains why Lampien was charged with involuntary manslaughter. Usually these things are written off as “tragic accidents.”

It would be nice to get a little national attention to this case. The scrutiny afforded by the glare of a national spotlight would help make sure the investigation is thorough and nothing is being swept under the rug.

Of course, our national news media is unable to walk and chew gum at the same time, and right now they’re focused solely on Ferguson, Mo.

And yes, it’s really hard for the gun loons to defend these liberal “guns everywhere” laws, when someone can potentially use them to perpetrate a hate crime. More guns = more shootings. Plain and simple.


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In Guns-Everywhere Georgia, A Tourist Dies


Some information about the victim: a newly-naturalized U.S. citizen, native of Iraq. She was wearing a hijab, as were the other women with her.

Has me wondering if this was accidental after all. Which makes the “guns everywhere” law all the more odious: racist assholes can pick off their victims and no one can do a damn thing about it until it’s too late.


Georgia’s “guns everywhere” law went into effect less than two months ago and in the tourist town of Helen, a tragic gun accident resulted in the death of a visitor from Texas:

A Texas woman died late Saturday after she was struck by a stray gunshot in the town of Helen in North Georgia.

Police said the bullet came from a small-caliber handgun carried by a 53-year-old man from Jasper, Ga. The gun accidentally discharged, and the bullet traveled across Helen’s tourist-laden Main Street and struck the woman in the side.

Bystanders attempted to administer first aid, police said, but authorities pronounced the woman dead at the scene.

The shooting took place outside the Old Heidelberg restaurant and bar, one of many Bavarian-themed businesses in Helen, a town of about 500 residents in White County, 90 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. The town’s main route, Ga. 75, is often crowded with visitors, many of them motorcyclists attracted by the area’s twisting mountainous roads.


The shooting occurred less than two months after a new law took effect in Georgia that greatly extended gun owners’ rights to carry weapons in public places. Bars are among the locations covered by House Bill 60.

The shooter was Glenn Patrick Lampien, who has since been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Apparently the bullet first shot Lampien in the hand, before traveling across the street to hit the still-unidentified woman.

On Twitter, an Open Carry Georgia dweeb said HB60 wasn’t to blame because Lampien’s gun fired “on a public street.” Meanwhile, from the AJC story, the gun loons are rushing to defend the law:

In an online forum sponsored by, a gun-rights advocacy group, one commenter said Sunday: “Of course, HB 60 will be blamed.”

Yes, that’s because people carrying guns don’t magically teleport themselves from restaurants to bars to churches to wherever they’re going. They must travel the public streets. And accidents happen. You morons.

If Glenn Patrick Lampien wasn’t legally allowed to carry his gun with him everywhere, a tourist from Texas would still be alive, enjoying the Bavarian-themed town of Helen, Georgia.

I am not going to Georgia. Ever. For anything.


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Congratulations, Unidentified PA Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Ta da:

A 60-year-old Pennsylvania man was hit by a Chevrolet sedan in the Colorado town of Black Hawk and the rider was thrown to the ground, Police Chief Stephen Cole told ABC 7News. As he was thrown from his bike, a handgun he was carrying fired, shooing him in the chest.


The motorcyclist suffered serious injuries and was rushed by ambulance to a Denver hospital.

Brilliant! Riding a motorcycle with a loaded handgun, what could possibly go wrong?

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Tennessee Gun Report

This week’s cavalcade of responsible gun ownership includes two accidental shootings, one fatal — sadly, it’s an 8-year-old child.

• August 12, 2014:

1- This Nashville felon tried to sell a stolen gun to some kids in Pennsylvania. The mug shot is priceless:


As is the crime:

Nevertheless, police said Brin, 44, of Nashville, was drunk on Patriot Square peddling a stolen revolver to children, using as his shop a bicycle with women’s purses dangling from the handlebars and a cup holder carrying a plastic bottle filled with beer. In his pants pocket, police said they found a bag of synthetic marijuana.


The incident began about 3 p.m. Saturday when a citizen reported someone was trying to sell a gun in the middle of Patriot Square. The man told police he had been walking through the park and asked Brin to light his cigarette when Brin offered to sell a .22-caliber Ruger revolver for $150.

Brin also tried to sell the gun to “two kids on bicycles while waving the firearm around in the air” and also tried to sell “a nickle bag of fake weed” to the man who asked for a light, police said.

Dude. Get your fucking life together.

2- People with guns lose all perspective over when it’s appropriate to use them. IMHO. Case in point: this Afton man, who fired shots at someone in his truck that was for sale. Shoot first, ask questions later seems to be the MO these days. Also, I’m calling bullshit on his claim that the guy in the truck shot at him first, as no shell casings were found. Going out on a limb here and guessing he’s lying to cover up his irresponsible behavior.

3- A Shelby County 15-year-old brought a gun to Whites Station High School. First week of school, y’all.

• August 11, 2014:

An 8-year-old in White County found a gun at his grandparents’ house and shot himself with it accidentally. He died.

Nationwide, this was the 19th accidental shooting for a kid under age 18 for the month of August so far. Keep in mind, it’s only August 11. Six of those shootings were fatal. For children under age 10 there were 10 shot, two fatally for August so far. And it’s only the 11th. But nope, no gun problem here, no sirreee.

• August 8, 2014:

A 60-year-old Chattanooga man was shot twice while he was asleep:

Mr. Edge said that he was unsure of what happened to him, but did believe that he was electrocuted by some unknown object while asleep and that is what caused him to bleed. Mr. Edge insisted that he was not shot; however, the attending physician advised that he was shot once in his right shoulder and again in his upper right arm.

There were no surveillance cameras in the area to capture or record the incident as it transpired. Investigators were also unable to locate any witnesses, leads, or suspect information due to lack of evidence.


• August 7, 2014:

A Nashville man shot into a car occupied by his four children. He was arrested.

• August 6, 2014:

1- A Kingsport woman was trying to show her daughter the family’s new Ruger LCR .38 via Skype when she accidentally shot her husband in the thigh with it. These firearms equipped with laser thingies seem to be factors in an awful lot of accidental shootings.

2- A Jackson dad aimed a shotgun at his 14-year-old son’s head and threatened to blow his head off. Just as the Founders intended.

• July 23, 2014:

Here’s one from Murfreesboro that I missed when I was having all of my internet troubles. Truly astonishing exchange here, and shows the hubris and lack of common sense among the gun-toters. This one says she has a carry permit, too:

Jason Hill and his family were walking to their car when they said 37-year-old Angela Scruggs went speeding past.

Hill yelled for her to slow down and he said when Scruggs did, she pulled a weapon on him.

“She pointed it at me and I said, ‘whoa.’ And she said, ‘I’ll shoot you.’ And I said, ‘go ahead and if I live I’ll call the cops.’ And she said, ‘I don’t care I have a carry permit,’” said Hill.

Scruggs was arrested on aggravated assault charges.

Police recovered a 22-caliber, semi-automatic handgun from her car. She told them she pulled her gun out and sat it on her lap when Hill came walking toward her with his hands in his pockets.

And yes, when everyone has a gun, then a person walking towards you is likely to be armed. Better be cocked and ready to blaze away. This is the world the NRA wants us to live in.


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Meet Second Amendment Hero Keith Belajonas. On March 16 his Facebook page supposedly sported this:


Last week he shot his wife to death in front of their their two small children. He grabbed the kids and took off for New York, prompting an Amber alert. He then held up his brother at gunpoint, then ditched the kids, took off, and committed suicide.

I guess he officially “unfriended” the world.

I love how everyone agrees we need to take guns away from the mentally ill, yet time and again we find the very gun loonz demanding we ditch common-sense gun control laws are the same people who wouldn’t be deemed mentally competent to own firearms.


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