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Tennessee Gun Report

Forgot to post this yesterday. Sorry.

• March 11, 2014

1- I don’t normally post gun crimes in the gun report but this one was notable: three masked gunmen robbed a Mt. Juliet Goodwill store.

Say what?

Does this make sense? Who robs the Goodwill store? Couldn’t you guys hit up a liquor store or something?

2- Seeing a lot more of these stories now: road rage and fights escalating into shootings, now that everyone is carrying guns in their cars.

JACKSON, Tenn. — Police are investigating a fight that escalated into a shooting, Tuesday afternoon.

Based on the preliminary investigation, four people were shot at while inside a minivan. The minivan was struck at least once. There were no injuries.

• March 10, 2014

An 11th-grader in Nashville was arrested for bringing a loaded gun onto school property:

Investigators said the teen told them he bought the gun for social status. He was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon on school property.

“Social status.” Right. Let’s keep blaming Hollywood and oh by the way, you can shut up about that now that Harvey Weinstein has pledged to stop glorifying gun violence in his films. Aaand the screams and hollers about how gun loons are oppressed and being ignored by Hollywood start in 5… 4… 3…

• March 9, 2014:

A Clarksville man apparently brandished a gun not once but twice in the same day in road rage incidents. However, the second incident was self-defense, he claims:

According to the warrants, Bellamy told the detective that he owned the gun and admitted that earlier in the day he waved it a woman driving on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard near Exit 4. He also told Honholt that he displayed the weapon when the driver of a vehicle on Madison Street pointed an AR-15 assault rife at him, then tossed it out of the vehicle between Pageant Lane and 10th Street.

Guns-in-cars FAIL.

• March 8, 2014:

A customer got into an argument with a clerk at a Jackson business, went to his car, pulled out a gun, and fired it into the business’ awning. He is still at large. Guns-in-cars FAIL version eleventybillion.

SO glad the state legislature is making sure we have guns at the ready for every instance when they’re not necessary.


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Death Of An NRA Talking Point

The pants-wetters of the pro-NRA crowd have always argued that the Second Amendment is the only thing protecting American citizens from tyranny, i.e. American citizens need to arm themselves so they can take over the government if they need to.

This is a ridiculous assertion on a lot of levels, not the least of which being the far right has always supported expanding our armed forces, too. We now have the world’s largest military, spending over $554 billion a year for this show of strength, and any attempt to cut the Pentagon’s budget is met with screams and hollers about “protecting the homeland” and “liberals make us less safe,” and other BS. So yes, Joe and Jane Teabagger, do tell me how you’re going to out-gun the largest military the world has ever known, please I’m dying to hear. How are Gus and Jethro down in the holler going to do what the Russians and Chinese haven’t?

But anyway, that’s all beside the point, as Joe Nocera made an excellent observation this weekend about Ukraine:

Ukraine, a nation of 45 million people, has restrictive laws governing private gun ownership. The government is in possession of more than seven million guns, while three million weapons, both legal and illicit, are in the hands of private citizens, creating a staggering gulf in firepower. By comparison, in the United States, there are 310 million guns in private hands, with only 3.85 million possessed by the military and police forces.

And yet, these “largely unarmed Ukrainian protestors” took on “a military armed with the world’s sixth-largest inventory of small arms” and just overthrew their government. The president has been ousted, a new president has been put in place — despite the disparity in firepower. Amazing, isn’t it?

I’ve said from day one that anyone interested in overthrowing their tyrannical overlords, either in some future America or anywhere else in the world, is better off learning to write computer code, not fire an AR-15. Of course, expecting people pretending to be leading players in their “Red Dawn” fantasies to care about reality is a stretch.


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Tennessee Gun Report

I totally forgot this yesterday, but we had a bunch of shootings over night so I’ve added them.

There’s an astonishing amount of stupidity from law enforcement officers, who are supposed to know better. As regular readers know, law enforcement folks are just as stupid and reckless as everyone else. Not sure why we need to be arming every yahoo Keystone Kop out there.

• February 20, 2014:

1- A Nashville security guard in the trendy Gulch neighborhood fired four shots into a car with two people inside. TV news said he saw a man strangling a woman. Not sure how firing his gun into the car would’ve helped that situation.


2- Three shots were fired into a home in Columbia, and nobody knows why.

• February 18, 2014:

Must’ve been a full moon. Lots of incidents reported today.

1- A Montgomery County man says he was drinking and smoking dope while playing with his gun, you know, like how you do sometimes? And oops, guess what:

According to a police report, Tripp said “he was playing with the weapon and pulled the hammer back on the pistol. Reuben then laid the pistol on the couch and sat on the floor, bumping the pistol.”

Tripp said the pistol discharged. When deputies arrived at the home, they found his wife, Dinah Tripp, holding a wash cloth to Reuben Tripp’s back. The first thing Reuben Tripp told officers is that his wife did not shoot him and that it was an accident.

Dinah Tripp, 49, told deputies she was in another room cleaning when the incident happened.

Congratulations, Reuben Tripp! You are our Second Amendment Hero of the Week!

2- Someone shot a gun into the air near a dormitory at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville:

Witnesses said a dark-colored Nissan Altima and a white Chevrolet Malibu were sitting occupied in the area.

Someone in the Altima fired two shots in the air and fled down Drane Street then made a right onto College Street, according to a later APSU website alert.

3- A woman was shot and killed in a North Nashville parking lot and nobody knows why.

4- A Milan police officer fired his gun inside his home during an argument with his wife on Valentine’s Day:

According to the report, Sturdivant told officers that “he was just mad and didn’t think while he was doing it.” Officers said they then took him to an area hospital for an evaluation after he mentioned thoughts of shooting himself. Officers said it is unclear if the gun was fired on purpose or by accident because Sturdivant gave conflicting statements on the scene. Officers said they charged Sturdivant with reckless endangerment because the weapon was fired inside of the residence.

5- Someone shot a man’s car up in Paris and nobody knows why.

• February 14, 2014:

The third gun in one week was found at Memphis’ Fairley High School.


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An Armed Society Is A Polite Society

Although that depends on your definition of “polite”:

TEMECULA ( — Authorities in Temecula say a man pulled a gun on a girl scout who was going door-to-door selling cookies Sunday.

The incident took place in the 31000 block of Strawberry Tree Lane.

Police responded to an assault with a deadly weapon call.

Officials said the victim, a minor, was selling cookies door-to-door when a resident opened his door and pointed a gun at the girl.

The scout’s father witnessed the alleged incident and called police.

The suspect has been identified as 59-year-old John Dodrill of Temecula.

America has lost its shit. And let me add, the majority of those losing their shit appear to be Penis Americans. I don’t know what’s happened with the testosterone-enhanced among us, but you guys need to take a Xanax or light up a doobie or something. This is primarily a male problem. The number of boys bringing guns to school or involved in gun accidents is astonishing. Last week’s gun report? All but one incident involved a male.

I’m no sociologist but I think there are some obvious reasons for this and maybe it’s time we take a gender-based approach to American Rage, those who experience it, those who act on it, and think up some healthier alternatives.


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Tennessee Gun Report

We’ve got the usual lunacy at our state legislature, with State Sen. Stacey Campfield wanting to make sure that no local government can opt-out of the state pants-wetter’s “carry yer gunz everywhere cuz we’re too a-skeered to leave home without ‘em” laws. Seriously, y’all think this is a good idea? You’ve got “responsible gun owners” shooting at people in movie theaters for texting the babysitter, shooting and killing people inspecting the land they’ve just purchased, shooting themselves in the leg in the elementary school pick-up line, and, of course, apparently unable to clean their guns without shooting themselves (and others). Excuse me if I’m not comforted by the knowledge that more of you loons are walking around more places armed. These incidents are far too commonplace for me to buy the myth of the “responsible gun owner.”

Whenever some idiot like Campfield talks about how people need guns to protect themselves in public places, like we live in fucking Baghdad or something, how come no one ever points out the huge numbers of accidental shootings that happen every day, or the number of shootings which happen because an argument escalated into a gun fatality?

Here’s something worth pondering:

The National Rifle Association likes to argue that criminals, or people intent on committing a crime, will obtain guns no matter what the law says. Among the 5,417 gun homicides in 2012 that the FBI assigns a circumstance to (3,438 are “unknown circumstances”), a mere 1,324 were committed in conjunction with another felony. Three times that (3,980) were committed by otherwise law-abiding citizens. Of that, over half (1,968) were the result of an argument that escalated fatally out of control.

To put it another way: otherwise unpremeditated murders, where people kill out of momentary rage, are the single most common type of gun homicide in America. More than gangland killings (822); more than murders committed during robberies (505) and drug deals (311) combined.

This is a national disgrace. Here’s another sobering study [Update: that link apparently no longer works, here's another story on the same topic]:

A study by Yale School of Medicine researchers shows that there are about 20 children hospitalized for gun injuries every day. According to the study, published in the January 27th edition of Pediatrics, six percent of these children die from their injuries.

The attention paid to these injuries is typically minimal, “but that every day, 20 of our children are hospitalized for firearms injury, often suffering severe and costly injuries, clearly shows that this is a national public health problem,” says Robert Sege, co-author of the study.

The Tennessee state legislature isn’t doing anything to prevent these accidents, escalations, and injuries, quite the opposite. By increasing the average person’s daily contact with firearms, they are increasing the statistical likelihood that the average person will be killed or injured by a gun. That’s not liberal propaganda, that’s called math. But apparently our Republican legislators care more about the gun manufacturers’ lobby than public safety. This will change, as it always does, when the inevitable tragedy happens to one of them.

Without further ado, your weekly round-up of gun lunacy from across the state.

• January 29, 2014:

A 15-year-old student at Nashville’s McGavock High School — the school which President Obama is scheduled to visit tomorrow — was accidentally shot and killed by his 17-year-old friend. Apparently the teens were “playing with a gun” when one fired the weapon, shooting Kevin Barbee in the face.

• January 28, 2014:

1- A Nashville first-grader brought his mom’s .22 pistol to school. No charges filed:

A seven-year-old boy who brought his mother’s handgun to Inglewood Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon will not be charged by Metro Police.

The unnamed first grader showed the trigger-locked .22 caliber pistol to a classmate who then told a teacher about it, a Metro Nashville Police Department release said.

The gun was confiscated from the student’s backpack that afternoon. The boy was allowed to go home with his mother because of his age, police said.

His mother was not aware her son had taken the handgun and was “clearly angered” by what had happened.

OH well if mom was “angered” then that’s perfectly fine, right? I don’t expect charges to be filed against the child, you morons. I DO expect charges to be filed against the parents. You leave a gun where a) a child can get his hands on it, and b) can take it off your property without you even knowing about it? That’s the very definition of negligent behavior.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

2- A young Memphis area hunter was shot while trying to get into his deer stand.

• January 25, 2014:

Two rifles and a handgun were stolen from cars inside the upscale Westhaven subdivision in Williamson County. Again: I do not understand people who leave their guns in their vehicles overnight. If you think you live in fucking Mayberry why do you need the gun in the first place?

• January 24, 2014:

1- A bipolar/manic man in Putnam County went on a rampage and shot up his home:

Sometime Thursday, Donald’s symptoms got out of control. He went on a rampage, smashing just about everything in his house and firing guns into the walls and through windows.

Fortunately, Donald was the only one home at that time and no one was hurt.

At that point, the SWAT team forced their way into his home and took him to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

The story is especially tragic because the man’s wife had been trying to get him help for days before the incident. I just have one question for Sarah Garrison: you know your husband is mentally ill and violent. Why the hell do you keep guns in the house? What the hell is wrong with you? Do you want there to be a tragedy? Fortunately this time no one was hurt. You won’t be so fortunate next time.

And yes, we need to change the way we deal with mental illness in this country. But we can start by making sure violent, mentally ill people don’t have access to guns.


2- A Cookeville man is accused of firing shots into a yard and pointing a gun at a neighbors’ face in an argument over vehicle noise. He told the police,

He alleged Brown said “he fired the gun because he has a newborn baby.”


• January 23, 2014:

1- A Memphis high school student was arrested for bringing a loaded gun to school.

2- A Memphis teenager went to a convenience store to get change for his mother and got shot.

3- Two teenagers in Cookeville have been charged with shooting at people with BB guns, apparently for shits and giggles.

4- A Southern Adventist University student threatened to use firearms against the school because of delayed paperwork, putting the school on lockdown.

There’s this thing happening across the country with a lot of young men getting unhinged. It needs to stop.

• January 21, 2014:

Memphis police shot and killed a deputy U.S. Marshall when she fired on them for unknown reasons.


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Most Responsible EVAH etc. Number Eleventygazillion

A Florida CCW holder is too scared to go to the emergency room without his handgun, I guess, and of course who wouldn’t be, with all of that rootin’ shootin’ going on in Tampa, where anyone can fire a gun in the air to stand his ground, etc. And of course the predictable happened:

TAMPA, Fla. — Deputies say a man accidentally fired a handgun while he was being treated for a medical issue at a hospital emergency room.

The 67-year-old Tampa man arrived at Town & Country Hospital around 1:20 a.m. Friday.

The Tampa Tribune ( reports that after being placed in a bed, the man removed a Glock 36 from his back pocket and took out the magazine. Deputies say that as he tried to clear the chamber his finger accidentally pulled the trigger.

Deputies say a .45-caliber round was fired through a chair and into the tile floor.

The man has a Florida concealed weapons permit. Deputies say the man immediately put the weapon down. There were no injuries.

Sheriff’s officials say the state attorney’s office was notified and no charges are planned.

No charges? Whyever not? Why do permit holders get a pass when they do something stupid with their guns? Aren’t we always told permit holders are the safetest, bestest, most wonderfullest ever? And when they’re not, the state’s just going to look the other way?

The state of Florida is unleashing these gun loonz on an unsuspecting public at an alarming rate. Expect to see more idiocy like this.

Which is why I stay the hell out of Florida. It’s time everyone stays out of Florida. Conventions, concert tours, you name it.


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And They Wonder Why We Laugh At Them

Trying hard not to laugh at the pants-wetters at Open Carry Texas who strutted around the state capitol in Austin over the weekend with their guns so they could whine about how THE MAN was hassling them because of their long hair big guns and nobody loves them or the Second Amendment or appreciates their service to humanity by walking around armed. Meanwhile they are apparently terrified of a homeless man with a garden trowel.

I mean, my first thought was that this was a parody. But it appears to be real. SO, kiddos, read, laugh, weep, etc.:

I was approached by another participant at the rally and was informed that there was a homeless man (who seemed to be mentally unstable) walking around waving what appeared to be a knife in people’s faces. While walking back and forth in front of our merchandise stand, he had somehow obtained one of our OCT hats that we hadn’t sold to him. I was told that he was heading up towards the main rally on the south steps of the Capitol. The potential weapon in his hand had a serrated edge on one side.

I told a couple of the closest DPS troopers (they stayed about 30 feet or so away from us) that we had a potential problem. I started approaching them to describe the man and why he might be a threat. I had forgotten that I had my AR-15 on my back (I was wearing body armor and couldn’t feel the rifle against my body), and instead of listening to me tell them there was a potential threat, several troopers began yelling at me to take my weapon off of the capitol grounds. Bear in mind, every single one of those troopers knows who I am, just as they know who Terry is.

You had forgotten you had an AR-15 on your back because of your body armor? Dude. You’re an idiot. But I digress:

I apologized and walked the less than ten feet back inside of the gate. I then asked them to come closer because we had an issue, but they chose to just stand there staring at me. I told them there was a potentially dangerous man at the rally, and that they needed to find him before someone got hurt. They continued to gawk at me. I finally demanded that they find someone else to come speak with me, and that every second they were wasting ignoring my warning, someone could be in danger. One of the troopers finally began be-bopping north towards another group of troopers who appeared to be supervisors.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I handed a friend my rifle and went in yelling about the lack of urgency displayed by these troopers who were supposed to be keeping us safe, but were ignoring my warning solely because they don’t like us, particularly me. I quickly walked past them and yelled that if anyone was hurt, THEY all have blood on their hands!

A few of us got to the rally on the south steps and began frantically scanning the crowd. We were looking for a man with a camouflage OCT hat, jeans, and not wearing shoes. By this time, a DPS trooper decided I probably wasn’t exaggerating and asked who we were looking for, joining in the hunt.

After several minutes of searching through the mass of people, a trooper informed me that the potential threat had been located and escorted off the grounds. The “weapon” he was holding was a small gardening trowel similar to this:


Before returning to the armed rally, I thanked him for helping and explained how unprofessional it was that his troopers completely ignored a legitimate complaint.

So the guy in body armor with an AR-15 strapped to his back is running around frantically trying to warn state police about a potential threat to public safety: a homeless guy with a garden trowel. And he tells this story as if it were completely logical, not the utterly massive FAIL any sane person would see it to be?

Right. And they wonder why we laugh at them?


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Most Responsible EVAH Version Eleventybillion

Hey, she’s a gun owner! It happens!

Just ask Lauren Tannehill, the supermodel wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

She rented a white Nissan Rogue earlier this month at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport before returning it to the company two hours later in exchange for a different vehicle. There was just one problem: she forgot to grab her AR-15.

The vehicle was subsequently rented by a New York woman and her daughter, but they drove it for two days before spotting the bag that contained the weapon. Alarmed, the woman’s daughter quickly jumped out of the vehicle to get away from the weapon.

Authorities said the weapon is legally owned and “not criminal.” The Sun Sentinel noted that Lauren Tannehill frequently posts photos on Twitter that show her shooting guns with her husband.

This is the part I love:

“Though dangerous if it would have landed in the wrong hands, it’s not criminal,” Broward sheriff’s spokeswoman Keyla Concepción said. “They simply forgot it.”


The gun legally belongs to Ryan Tannehill, and the couple immediately called the rental car company to report a missing item, even though the couple didn’t specify what was in the bag, a football league source said.

Wait … wait …. Lauren Tannehill lost track of her AR-15 for two whole days and that’s not criminal? They didn’t even bother to tell the rental company what the item was? Little miss super Christian (according to her Twitter bio) didn’t think maybe, just maybe, the car rental company might need to know that?

Why hasn’t this idiot been arrested for negligence and endangering public safety? Because she’s a supermodel wife of an NFL quarterback?


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Truth To Power


CAMBRIDGE, Md. (AP) – The grandparents of a Kentucky toddler who was accidentally shot by her 5-year-old brother say they don’t believe young children should have access to guns.

Mark Robinson, of Cambridge, tells the Star Democrat of Easton ( that parents should buy their children fishing poles instead of guns.

The April 30 shooting occurred when Kristian Sparks accidentally fired a rifle he was playing with as his mother stepped onto the front porch. His sister, 2-year-old Caroline, was fatally shot in the chest.

The rifle was made by a company that sells guns specifically for children.

Robinson says the boy shouldn’t have had the gun and that children that age are too young to appreciate the danger. He says no one was aware that there was a bullet still in the chamber.

I’m sure you all remember this tragedy. I wrote about it here. Crickett Firearms, which manufactures and markets guns to children, including the model which killed Caroline Sparks, temporarily shut down its website in the wake of the tragedy. However, they’re back in business.

More people like Mark Robinson are going to have to speak out. The gun manufacturers are getting fat on blood money, and they have no shame.


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Tennessee Gun Report

We’ve got a bumper crop of gun loonery this week, and some real tragedies. Without further ado, here’s your weekly Tennessee Gun Report.

• December 3, 2013:

A Roane County man died after accidentally shooting himself in the head while watching a Western on TV. His wife and daughter were in the room at the time, “dozing.”

• December 2, 2013:

1- A Kingsport man accidentally shot himself while buying a Christmas tree and is in critical condition:

Police say while he was getting a tree stand out of the back of his vehicle, a loaded 12-gauge shotgun lying in the back discharged and shot Bledsoe in the pelvic area.

Yikes, that sounds brutal.

2- A Decatur, TN ex-felon who was found to be in possession of three weapons, including a sawed-off shotgun, was sentenced to 42 months in Federal prison in relation to an accidental shooting that busted him back in October 2012.

Says our perp:

A tearful Brown said he had been able to start a business offering training and riding horses, “but because of one night everything I had is gone.”

The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office responded on Oct. 24, 2012, to his residence on Carl Holt Lane on a shooting call. Preston Miller, 18, had been shot in the thigh.

Brown said he had been handling a revolver and it went off. He said the teen had been interested in buying a gun from him and that it went off accidentally.

Um, no. Everything you had is gone because a) you’re a convicted felon who illegally owned weapons, b) you were careless with your weapons and an 18-year-old kid was shot in the thigh. Next time you get out of prison, stay away from the guns and you’ll be fine.

• December 1, 2013:

In Chattanooga, two children ages 3 and 5 were playing with a flare gun (WTF people???) and set a house on fire.

• November 30, 2013:

Thieves stole 27 guns — 24 handguns and three rifles or shotguns — from a Knoxville gun shop on Thanksgiving Day.

• November 29, 2013:

1- A Middle Tennessee man shot and killed his wife Thanksgiving night over an argument about his shoes.

2- A Murfreesboro cab driver pulled a gun on a customer over a dispute about a fare.

3- In Paris, police received calls about firearm thefts twice in two days:

In one burglary, two semi-automatic rifles and a bottle of liquor were stolen from a storage building on Sproul Heights Road in the past week.


The thief or thieves took two .223-caliber Doublestar AR-15 rifles with a total value of $2,000.

Also taken was a commemorative bottle of whiskey valued at $100.

The items were last seen between 5:30-6 p.m. Sunday.

In the most recent incident, a rifle was stolen from a Routon Street home during daylight hours Thursday.

4- The TSA’s Thanksgiving week travel report is up:

A stun gun was found in a carry-on bag at the Knoxville airport.

A loaded gun was found in a carry-on bag at the Memphis airport on Nov. 25.

A loaded gun was found in a carry-on bag at the Nashville airport on Nov. 27.

• November 28, 2013:

A University of Memphis student was arrested for carrying a loaded gun and several fully loaded magazines to class.

• November 27, 2013:

This story was so outrageous it made the national headlines: a 34-year-old Chattanooga man shot and killed a 72-year-old advanced Alzheimer’s patient who had been wandering around in freezing temperatures for hours. While the shooter was from Chattanooga, the incident occurred across the state line in Georgia. No charges have yet been filed.

The New York Times did an excellent in-depth piece on this tragedy, which is a must-read. Shooter Joe Hendrix is an Iraq war veteran and Tea Party asshole who last election served as spokesman for Republican congressional candidate Scottie Mayfield, who primaried Republican Chuck Fleischmann. In that capacity Hendrix once referred to President Obama as someone who “demonizes free enterprise and small-business owners.” He’s staying away from the media now, however.

What happened that night isn’t under dispute. Lost and disoriented, Ronald Westbrook had been wandering in the freezing cold with his two dogs for hours, collecting mail from neighbors mailboxes and finally ending up at Joe Hendrix’s house, where he rang the doorbell repeatedly in the early hours of the morning. Although Hendrix and his girlfriend were safe inside the home, doors locked, with 911 on the line and the police just minutes away, Hendrix decided to take matters into his own hands. He left the house, followed the old man around, and shot him. Says Westbrook’s widow:

“I understand the man who shot him is real upset, and I think he should be,” Mrs. Westbrook said in an interview. “He shot an innocent man. He should have stayed in the house like a normal person would.”

This is why I hate guns and gun loonz. Somehow when you people get a damn gun in your hands all common sense disappears. Someone ringing the doorbell in the middle of the night does not call for deadly force. I’m surprised Hendrix didn’t kill the man’s dogs, too. Asshole. I’m glad he’s upset, he should be. But he should also be in jail.


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