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Dinesh D’souza, sentenced to a “community confinement center” and parole for making illegal campaign donations, has turned his Twitter feed into his personal pity party, and it’s hilarious. From whining about Obummer to congratulating himself for living with “real criminals” (because apparently in his mind what he did wasn’t a crime?) to shilling his books and films, it’s an endless stream of conservative victimhood. But he’s a survivor!

But my favorite is this “post-racial” dispatch:

post racial

Dude. You wouldn’t survive 15 minutes in a real prison, you sanctimonious twit.


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2nd Amendment Hero Emeritus: Sovereign Citizen Edition

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha:

A Georgia man’s plan to takeover the Forsyth County Courthouse earlier this year was probably doomed from the beginning because he shot himself before he even left his home.

In June, Dennis Marx brought an assault rifle, grenades, homemade flash-bangs, and other supplies to the courthouse with the intentions of taking over the building. Marx, who was part of the sovereign citizen movement, had been angry after authorities seized some of his weapons in 2011 in connection with undercover drug deals.

But Marx was shot and killed by deputies before he could make it into the building. One deputy was shot in the knee during the incident, and was expected to recover.

In a presentation to the Lanier Forsyth Rotary Club on Tuesday, authorities shed light on why they had such an easy time taking down the heavily armed suspect, the Forsyth County News reported.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Thompson explained that Marx had apparently shot himself in the leg while loading his .45 caliber pistol before leaving the house. The bullet entered above the thigh and exited below the knee.

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, it’s not funny, but those “sovereign citizens” are nuttier than a tree full of squirrels. How absolutely hilarious that this “patriot” shot himself loading his gun. I guess the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of gun clutzes every now and then.


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Tennessee Gun Report

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.

• October 22, 2014:

You know how we’re always told that criminals will stay away from places where they know there are guns? Not so much: in South Nashville, burglars used a stolen pickup truck to break into a gun shop, making off with $14,000 worth of guns. The shop had an alarm which, amazingly, did not go off (no doubt the “responsible” gun shop owners didn’t bother to set it), but a Metro police patrol happened to be passing by and saw the suspects pulling away.

Would be nice if we could have some kind of regulations on these places — how hard is it to set an alarm? — but, sadly, in gun crazy Tennessee, that’s asking too much.

• October 21, 2014:

In Memphis, a middle school student accidentally shot himself in the leg showing his gun to other students:

A 13-year-old boy is recovering after he brought a loaded gun to school Tuesday and was hit in the leg when the gun fired.

The boy, who has not been identified, was taken to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in noncritical condition after the incident at A. Maceo Walker Middle School, 1900 E. Raines Road. It happened about 7:45 a.m.

“Apparently while trying to change classes, he had stopped and was going to show the pistol to some other children when he dropped his backpack and the gun fired,” said Memphis police spokeswoman Karen Rudolph.

• October 20, 2014:

1- In Paris, a 4-year-old got her hands on the family handgun and shot herself. She died.

2-Four shootings in Clarksville in the span of one hour. It just gets worse and worse. It’s almost as if the more guns there are, the more people abuse them.

• October 17, 2014:

A 23-year-old woman fired her handgun during a traffic altercation in East Ridge, just outside of Chattanooga. She fired the gun into the air, and was arrested.

These wannabe Yosemite Sams and Samanthas are gonna kill us all.

• October 16, 2014:

A 7-year-old Winchester girl was accidentally shot in the lower abdomen when her dad was showing her two brothers how to load a high-powered rifle:

John was showing his two sons how to load a rifle in the basement of the family’s 45 Living Oak Lane residence, located between Winchester and Cowan, when the gun misfired, sending a .233 caliber bullet through a bedroom wall and an air hockey table before hitting 7-year-old Liberty Miller in the lower stomach.

The tree of patriots must be watered with the blood of Liberties, I guess.

Also, to whomever wrote this story: nice use of the passive voice gun dodge there. “The gun misfired” all by itsownself. Guns don’t shoot people, except when some lame reporter doesn’t want to state the obvious.

• October 15, 2014:

1- Proving yet again the poor judgment of so many of our gun owners, this happened in Clarksville:

Gregory Wayne Brown allegedly discharged a handgun during a domestic altercation with a 38-year-old man. He did not fire in the direction of Knight, but the bullet went through the wall, through a baby’s crib and stopped at the next wall, according to a police report.

The wall where the bullet stopped was the wall where his 10-month-old child was sleeping in his bed. Brown later changed his story and said the child was asleep in a different room, the report said.

2- This story comes out of Pennsylvania but it concerns a Tennessee man who the family says accidentally shot his cousin:

Soumpholphakdy, 22, was sleeping when Chanthara began jumping on his bed to wake him up around noon, police said.

That’s when, police said, Soumpholphakdy grabbed a gun to try and scare Chanthara. The two men began wrestling and the gun went off, police said.

Friends and family members said the two men are cousins, and it must have been an accident.

“We don’t think there was any foul play or anything like that. If anything, it was accidental,” said Shaggy Phon, a friend.

3- Four guns were stolen from a Memphis police officer’s truck this week. This is not a repeat of the last 12 times this happened. Memphis, get your shit together.

• October 10, 2014:

A Memphis police officer had his gun stolen when he left it in a shopping mall bathroom.

• October 8, 2014:

Guns-in-cars fail: a Chattanooga woman got angry at another driver, started tailgating her, and when that driver pulled over to let her pass, pulled out a gun and pointed it at her.

Seems to me that the vast majority of people simply do not have the emotional maturity to responsibly carry firearms with them.

• September 26, 2014:

• A security guard at a Nashville Walmart shot a man who stole a 6-pack of beer. He’s in serious condition.

I think that is a use of force way out of proportion for the crime.

• September 25, 2014:

• A responsible gun owner responsibly forgot about their loaded Sig Sauer pistol they’d left in their carry-on bag when they tried to board a plane in Nashville. And it’s the 31st such incident this year.


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Congratulations, Unidentified Texas Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Chalk this one up to thinning the herd:

A Corpus Christi, Tex. man accidentally shot and killed his 16-year-old brother Sunday night, police told South Texas TV station Kiii News.

Investigators said that the 24-year-old man was removing his gun from its holster, and the gun accidentally discharged. The 16-year-old was shot in the chest.

Police said that the man kept his gun nearby while watching the TV show “The Walking Dead.”

Yeah, we watch “The Walking Dead” too and it’s pretty scary, but I never felt like I needed a gun nearby.


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Republicans, Make Up Your Damn Minds, Already



Sen. Rand Paul’s letter to Harry Reid about blocking Surgeon General nominee Dr. Murthy over gun control:


Full text at the link. My trolls who keep trying to blame Democrats for the stuff Republicans are doing can go fuck themselves.


Proving yet again that there is literally nothing President Obama can do to please Republicans, Sen. Lamar Alexander is not happy with President Obama’s pick for “Ebola Czar.” (Keep in mind, the hissy fits/impeachment threats conservatives had over Obama’s so-called “Czars” in the first place make their current call for an Ebola Czar especially hypocritical):

“I had in mind a cabinet-level official with the skills of a four-star general or admiral who had a broad public health background and would be accountable to Congress. That kind of action would give Americans confidence about our government’s response to Ebola.”

Hmm … someone like, maybe, the Surgeon General we don’t have because the Republicans are too scared of the gun lobby to approve Dr. Vivek H. Murthy?

Honestly, I truly believe that President Obama could personally develop a cure for Ebola, cancer, and stupidity all in one tasty, affordable treat — but the GOP would complain that it’s gluten-free.


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Who You Gonna Call, America?

Healthcare professionals nearly universally agree that implementing a travel ban for Ebola-affected countries in West Africa is not just a bad idea, it’s a bad idea that will backfire.

Republicans, the same people who have weird notions about the earth’s climate, have bizarre ideas about how the female body works, believe in fringe conspiracy theories like Agenda 21, and other jaw-droppingly stupid things, disagree.

So, who are you going to listen to, America? When it comes to public health and public safety, are you going to listen to the healthcare experts, or are you going to listen to the crazy people who think there are aborted fetuses in your can of Coca-Cola?

I despair for this country sometimes. I really do.


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Good News Friday

Some good news for the weekend. Enjoy!

• The British parliament voted overwhelmingly to recognize Palestine alongside Israel.

• Michael Dunn was sentenced to life in prison for the first degree murder of a Florida teenager over loud music.

• Lockheed Martin says it has made a major breakthrough in fusion technology.

• I love this story: A parrot with a British accent disappeared for four years, then returned home fluent in Spanish and asking for a guy named Larry. Hilarious.

• The U.S. Supreme Court has temporarily blocked Texas from shutting down its abortion clinics.

• A N.C. judge upheld a ban on concealed firearms at the North Carolina State Fair.

• A new report from the Vatican says the church should welcome gays and lesbians.

• Queens, New York is poised to get a super-cool greenway project. We’ve been to the High Line in Manhattan and it’s absolutely incredible.

• Harvard scientists say a cure for Type 1 diabetes is imminent.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

Nashville is hosting the 2016 NHL All-Star Game! WOOT! Wonder how much seats on the glass will cost?

• The “Vote No On 1″ side of the constitutional amendment that would give the Tennessee state legislature (as in, scary government) more power over abortion in Tennessee has outraised the pro-Yes On One side this quarter.

I’ve been deeply amused to see several of my known Tea Party-supporting, big-government-hating neighbors sporting “Yes on 1″ signs in their yards. Proving once again how phony their ideology is. Don’t they just love big government when Republicans are in charge! But guess what, folks: the Tennessee legislature will turn left some day. Pendulums swing, ‘cuz that’s what they do. And your handing the abortion issue over to the legislature now will come back to bite y’all on your butts when that inevitable day comes. Idiots.

This week’s cool video: Putting the goober in “gubernatorial debate,” this week Florida Gov. Rick Scott had a huge hissy fit over a battery-operated fan under Charlie Crist’s podium and ended up looking like a ginormous fool:


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