Congratulations, Unnamed Ohio Man! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

From the annals of safest, most responsible EVAH:

DAYTON — A man said he accidentally shot himself in the leg while driving, and hospital staff said his injury could be life-threatening, according to a police report.

The man kept driving his SUV onto a Dayton fire station to get help, and was taken to Miami Valley Hospital. According to the report, he went directly into surgery.

The man told emergency workers at the South Smithville Road fire station that he had been driving when his gun fell onto the floorboard. He said when he picked the weapon up, it fired and hit him in the thigh, the report states.

According to police, he does have a CCW and it appears the shooting was accidental.

Ta da!


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Good News Friday

I’m a day late and a dollar short on this week’s Good News roundup. Sorry, I’m sure y’all need some cheering-up from the eternal optimist wing of the Democratic Party, too. Here ya go!

We start with some more election night good news that didn’t make my first round-up:

• Chevron tried to buy the election in Richmond, CA and got resoundingly thwacked for its trouble.

• A soda tax passed in Berkeley.

• Voters in 78 Tennessee cities approved referendums (referenda?) allowing the sale of wine in grocery stores. Let me add: while I am in favor of wine sales in grocery stores, this was the most fucked-up, protectionist piece of legislation I’ve ever seen come out of a Republican legislature since forever. In particular, it mandates grocery stores markup their wine 20% — that’s big gummint sticking its nose in the pricing business. Gee, I thought the free hand of the market was supposed to do that! How is that not government overreach? Republicans don’t seem to mind when big corporations use their muscle to put the little guy out of business in any other area of trade. Does anyone remember Republicans demanding Walmart require a 20% markup on all of their products to keep the retail giant from undercutting mom-and-pop stores in small town America? Me, neither.

• Biology-textbook-censoring Tea Party wackaloons on the Gilbert, AZ school board got ousted.

• Voters in towns in California, Ohio and Texas banned fracking.

• Tribal elections in North Dakota could mean tighter restrictions on oil companies drilling on tribal lands.

• Californians voted against mass incarceration with a ballot initiative that reclassified six nonviolent felonies as misdemeanors.

• Voters approved paid sick days in Massachusetts; Oakland, CA; and Trenton and Montclair, N.J.

In other news:

• I was never a fan of the concept but you young kids might enjoy this trip down nostalgia lane: ’50s restaurant chain Johnny Rockets plans to open 200 drive-in theaters by 2018.

• Two more Americans were freed from North Korean labor camps. First off, let me say: welcome home. Now, let me say to Jeffrey Fowles, arrested for leaving a Bible in a night club bathroom; Matthew Miller, who (allegedly) destroyed his tourist visa and demanded asylum; and Kenneth Bae, a Korean-American missionary with YWAM:

You fucking idiots. You go to a place like North Korea and do stupid shit like leave Bibles lying around, what the fuck did you think would happen? You are fucking lucky that the supposedly “anti-Christian” Moooslim Usurper-in-Chief moved heaven and earth to get you religious crackpots out of that hellhole. Did an angel of the lord bust you out of jail, like Paul from Acts 12:3? No, it was power and might of the American government led by a man so many of you religious fanatics despise. Suck on that and stop doing stupid shit. I feel about you the same way I felt about those idiots from Arizona, the Gastonguays. I am tired of all of you. Your religion doesn’t make you bulletproof and it sure hasn’t made you any smarter.

You know what? If you want to be Super Christians and help people in foreign lands, go to fucking Sierra Leone and help the people dying of Ebola. Then the only people trying to keep you from coming home will be the Republicans in America.

• Atheists scored a major win in federal court, which ruled that Secular Humanism is a religion.

• Gay marriage is legal in Kansas. So much rich irony in that.

• Read this Christian ethicist’s argument for why he is is pro-gay.

• A Malaysian appeals court overturned an Islamic law against cross-dressing.

• The U.S. Army Command Policy has removed “Negro” as an acceptable term for black soldiers after it was discovered last Thursday in the manual’s race and ethnic code definition section. No one knows how long it’s been there.

• Bittersweet: a dying British woman who once worked at the racetrack was granted her last wish, to say goodbye to her favorite horse. Apparently they shared a goodbye kiss. So sweet and sad:


This week’s video:

A woman’s life captured in a 3:40 minute animated short. Cool.


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Congratulations, Anthony William Griffith! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Drum roll, please:

Anthony William Griffith, 19, of White Sulphur Springs, has been arrested after allegedly firing a AK-47 inside his home on Tuckahoe Road around 11 a.m. Monday and injuring 26-year-old Effie Harth and her 4-year-old son, according to a criminal complaint filed with the Greenbrier County Magistrate Court.

In the report, Cpl. J. L. Burdette said Harth was struck twice, once in the left forearm and once in the back of the left leg, and was airlifted to Roanoke Memorial Hospital. The 4-year-old was struck in the neck and taken to Greenbrier Valley Medical Center for treatment.

In a statement to police, Williams said he got out the weapon, cleared the chamber, put the ejected round back into the magazine, and then put the magazine back into the gun, ready to go behind the residence and target shoot.

Williams told police the gun went off and scared him.

The two victims were in the kitchen and empty cartridges were recovered on the living room floor, according to the complaint. It is unclear if the victims were shot through a wall.

According to the complaint, “The accused stated that this firearm is in good functional order, but is a semiautomatic rifle, requiring the trigger to be pulled for each shot to be fired. If this started as an accident, the accused continued to fire three more rounds, all the while inside the residence and pointing this firearm at two persons.”

Witnesses at the scene told police Williams has threatened to kill people in the home prior to Monday’s incident, and that he has discharged rounds in the home before.

Why the fuck was this nutball allowed to have any gun, let alone an AK-47? Oh right, I forgot: freedom, Constitution, mah raaaahts!, etc. etc. Thinning the herd, y’all.

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There Is No Common Ground For You To Find

I don’t always agree with Chris Matthews of “Hardball” fame, nor do I even like him especially — he’s enamored with the sound of his own voice and the cleverness of his own ideas, and honestly if I hear one more time about how Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan shared a collegial glass of Scotch, I’m gonna puke. But every now and then he’s right, and you can tell he’s right this time because the wingers are going apeshit about it.

Last night I caught the tail end of “Hardball” and his final bit (called, unironically, “Let Me Finish”), and he addresses something that’s been bugging us lefties for a long time. (Click the funky link below as I can’t seem to embed the MSNBC videos, unfortunately, FYWP).

Matthews observes, correctly, that governing isn’t about “finding common ground”: there is no common ground to find. That’s why we have two parties in the first place! Republicans have their way of doing things and Democrats have a different way. That’s kind of the point. How progress is made on issues is through compromise, not looking for common ground where none exists.

That’s what “bipartisanship” means. It means compromise. It doesn’t mean one side gets the other one to do it their way. Compromise means your side gives a little, my side gives a little, and together we forge a solution that addresses the issue of the day. Not: you do everything my way and shut up.

As I said, wingnuts are going apeshit over Matthews’ words — I think they’re a little embarrassed that he called them on one of their favorite ploys, which is to not give an inch and then whine and moan that those mean Democrats refuse to be “bipartisan.” I’ve been writing about this nasty little trait of theirs for yearshere’s a choice post from over four years ago, here’s another one from just two years ago — and I’m certainly not the only one whose noticed this mutating definition of “bipartisanship.” I’m just thrilled that one of our gasbag pundits has finally gotten a clue, too.

Check it out:


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Socialism Working Pretty Well For Norway, Thank You Very Much

Norway was named the world’s most prosperous country by the London-based Legatum Institute:

For the sixth time in a row, Norway is named the most prosperous country in an annual ranking by Legatum Institute. The institute has evaluated 142 countries based on their economic performance, as well as other important areas such as education, health, personal freedom, security and safety. Norway takes third place for economy, fifth for health and education, seventh in government and second in personal freedom.


Senior advisor James Barty at the Legatum Institute thinks that Norway scores high because of both the country’s economy as well as strong social values and progress within education and health.

Heh. It’s almost as if investing in your own people pays off. Who knew? By the way, in case you wondered: the U.S. ranked 10th.

This struck me as funny because yesterday I heard that awful Joni Ernst, in her Sarah Palin voice, say that “America is the greatest nation in the history of mankind.” That just made me laugh. It’s like they’ve descended into self-parody. Really? In the history of mankind? It’s something she says a lot, in fact she even has it on her website.

I just think, you know, really? Maybe you need to get out more often. Yeah America is great but we’re not the only country in the world. Other countries do things pretty well, too. But this is the kind of stupid rah-rah amygdala-tweaking that gets you elected in Dumbfuckistan.

Anyway, I’ve written a lot about Norway. I’ve called it, jokingly (but kinda seriously), “the promised land.” Seems I’m not alone in my estimation of that country.


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Welcoming Our Republican Overlords

Take heart, Democrats. Last night was actually good news. Great news, in fact.

For the next two years the Republican Party will once again remind America that they are completely incapable of governing. Any notion the punditry may hold that Republicans will somehow strike a moderate tone (yes, I’ve actually heard that!) will instantly be dashed by the foamy-mouthed Tea Party rabble-rousers proclaiming their mandate. “I’m not going to be ignored, Dan!”

Nope, there will be no controlling Ted Cruz and his ilk (the best assessment of Cruz I’ve ever read comes from Jon Stewart, who observed the Texas senator “appears to have been bitten by a Machiavellian spider. That dude is distilled ambition.” Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself.) We’ll be treated to two years of debt-ceiling-fighting, Obama-impeachment-loving, Obamacare-repeal-wanting, Benghazi-fear-stoking BS. And in 2016, when the electoral map is as favorable to Democrats as it was for the Republicans this election, we’ll be able to not only keep the White House but we’ll also take back the Senate, as a disgusted electorate remembers why they hate Republicans. This time we’ll get a filibuster-proof majority, too.

So, that’s my take on things. Bring it on, Republicans. And maybe, maybe, Democrats will finally learn how to run on their accomplishments, instead of running from them.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of good news out of election night:

• Tough gun control measures easily won in Washington State.

• In Tennessee, voters overwhelmingly approved ballot measures allowing sales of wine in grocery stores. We will need this as we ponder the cognitive dissonance that returned abortion-for-me-but-not-for-thee hypocrite Scott DesJarlais to Washington while at the same time passing the anti-choice Amendment 1 constitutional amendment.

• Minimum wage increases passed in Arkansas, Illinois, South Dakota and Nebraska.

• Personhood amendments failed in Colorado and North Dakota. This is the third time Colorado voters have said no to this crackpot idea, by the way.

So, it wasn’t all bad news. Take heart!


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Where Your Treasure Is

… there your heart will be also.

And with a record $4 billion+ — that’s billion, with a B — spent on this midterm election, it’s safe to say that America’s heart is with power.

That’s it. Very simple and terribly sad. Slow clap, Murrica. This is why we can’t have nice things. When I think what we could do with $4 billion — free college education, healthcare, assistance to small businesses or child care for single moms or what about high speed rail or hey, let’s fix our roads and bridges, maybe? — and realize it’s all been squandered on something as dumb as trying to sway the outcome of a midterm election, I just have to despair at how shallow we are as a nation.

Remember, too, that a large chunk of that sum was spent by people (*cough*cough*KOCH BROTHERS*cough*cough) who are fighting against even the teeniest tiniest increase in their taxes. That billionaires would spend millions to sway an election and hold onto their power pretty much proves why we need to raise their taxes in the first place.

Here’s something that makes me want to guzzle bleach:


Note the date. And time.

Are you people even fucking serious? We haven’t even had this midterm election and you’re already ginning up ideas for the next Senate campaign?

Here’s another sobering thought, from the same Wall Street Journal story linked to above:

What’s even more startling is that the $4 billion figure—which also includes $315 million spent on operating costs by PACs—doesn’t include the full picture of outside spending in this year’s races. The projection only includes spending disclosed to the Federal Election Commission. The CRP estimates that another $100 million will likely be spent on the election by next month, though the exact number is impossible to know because of disclosure rules.

Well, I suppose what we don’t know won’t hurt us, right? Meanwhile, remind me about how we can’t afford this, that and the other because of freedom and free markets and whatever. Right. Keep pretending this shit doesn’t matter, everyone.


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