Fred Thompson Underwhelms In N.H.

Maybe it was his famed laziness showing up, or maybe he had somewhere else to be, but when Fred Thomposon campaigned in New Hampshire yesterday, his nine-minute speech skirted the hot issues of the day. And that left Republicans at the $50/head event disappointed:

“It was short,” said Richard Heitmiller of Nashua. “He’s got a nice voice. But there was nothing there. He’s for apple pie and motherhood. He’s going to have to say what he’s for.”

Heitmiller said he hadn’t made up his mind about whom to support — way too early — and had come to learn more about this man he’d heard about but never seen.

“People want to get to know him. He hasn’t been here, and he gives a nine-minute speech,” he said dismissively. As Thompson exited, people started making their way to the doors midway through a reception.

“I told my wife we’d get home by 8. We’ll get home a lot earlier than that,” Heitmiller said.

“He looks good onstage, but I don’t know if he has the gravitas,” said Kathleen Williamson, a conservative Roman Catholic from North Weare.

“It seems like he’s trying to win over conservatives, but I’m still not sure he has the credentials. I’m worried he’s trying to get by on his celebrity.”

Ooops. Maybe Soft’n’Safe® is playing it a little too, well, soft and safe?


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3 responses to “Fred Thompson Underwhelms In N.H.

  1. >I’ve been saying all along that Fred is gonna be a hero as long as he is NOT running. Kind of like that second string quarterback on the bench that every fan wants to see in the game because those first stringers are nimrods..Be careful what ya ask for. I’ve always kinda liked the Fredster, but I just don’t think he has the zest to run for the whole enchilada and do well.

  2. >You may be right, john. I see you’re a tc boyle fan. That gives you “most favored status” with Southern Beale — even if you are a friend of the Fredster!

  3. >Frustrating as it is for those of us who want to get on with it, I think Fred’s slow, measured entry into the race speaks to his strength. A less mature or self-confident candidate would have rushed to be front and center once he had any indication of support. Fred is marching to his own beat. He is not worried about missing his chance. If his support were transitory, it would not be worth running on.He is not Ronald Reagan, but the trumping quality I see in Fred is the same that was evidenced at that moment in the debates when Reagan looked at Carter and said, “There you go again.” His tone and perception brought forth an empathetic response from the American people. That is why Fred is the Left’s worst nightmare in this election.