>SCHIP Update

>Just a quick word about the children’s healthcare bill expanding SCHIP, which President Bush vetoed this morning. Both of Tennessee’s Republican senators voted for the bill; both of Tennessee’s Republican senators voted for children’s healthcare.

Good for them. I called both Sen. Alexander and Sen. Corker’s offices to thank them and asked if they planned to stand behind their votes with a veto override. Sen. Alexander’s office said yes. Sen. Corker’s office said he had not made a statement yet.

Please take a moment to call both senators and ask them to stand by their original votes and join in a veto override:

Lamar Alexander — D.C.: (202) 224-4944; (although his office has been busy and I hear there were fires in the Dirksen restroom so you might try his Nashville office: (615) 736-5129)

Bob Corker — Phone:  202-224-3344

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