>Bill O’Reilly, Maverick!

>Bill O’Reilly is conservative by anyone’s standards, save his own.

Creators Syndicate, which syndicates such opinion columnists as O’Reilly, Joe Conason and Pat Buchanan, has begun labeling its columnists by political ideology. The move to label pundits conservative, liberal, libertarian, or unaffiliated was requested by the sales staff, which thought the labeling would make Creators more “editor-friendly.”

So what political affiliation did right-wing blowhard Bill O’Reilly choose for himself?

Labeled unaffiliated from the start was Bill O’Reilly, who most people would consider conservative. “He made it clear from the first time Creators was involved with him that he didn’t want to be pigeonholed,” said Fryrear.


Well, Bill-O, if you don’t want to be pigeonholed, you’re going to have to work a little bit harder. Because for the last few years we’ve heard nothing but hard-boiled, calcified, wingnuttery.

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