>About Those Primaries Last Night

>No, not the Democratic primaries. I’m sick of the Democratic primary! I’m talking about the Republican primary, and some pretty strange election results.

Last night was also the Republican primary in Indiana and North Carolina. John McCain won of course, but Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney still collected a large percent of votes –large considering two out of those three aren’t even running anymore.

In Indiana, Huckabee collected 10%, Paul 8% and Romney 5%. In North Carolina Huckabee received 12%, Paul 8% and “No Preference” 4%.

What this tells me is that 25% of Republican voters are dissastisfied with John McCain as their candidate and wanted to “make a statement” with their primary vote. Either that or they’re so hopelessly ill-informed and out of touch that they thought Huckabee or Romney were still in the race. Hey, we’re talking about Republican voters here, so anything is possible.

I kid, I kid. I kid because I love.

No, not really.

Anyway, I think this is an issue for the Republicans. McCain has had the Republican nomination sewed up for weeks, and yet a quarter of the Republican voters still aren’t wowed by him? I don’t for a moment think that this 25% could be brought to the Democratic side of the aisle but I do think unless the Republican Party is able to inspire these voters with one of their famous “wedge” issues, a lot of them are going to stay home in November. They’re just not that into him.

And can we put an end to discussion about Rush Limbaugh’s ridiculous Operation Chaos? Hillary Clinton won Indiana by 2%. Hardly a decisive victory.

And finally a word to Ron Paul: can we take those damn “Google Ron Paul” signs down, already? I admire the Paulistas for their enthusiasm; they can hammer up a poster like nobody’s business. But give it a rest already. The revolution didn’t happen.

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