>Still Dropping

>According to AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report, gas prices are still dropping. The national average for regular unleaded is $3.77, down from a high of $4.11 a month ago. However, locally I’ve seen prices at $3.67 around town.

This reminds me that back in April when gas prices started climbing into the stratosphere, local conservative yakker Steve Gill said it was the Democrats’ fault.

Well, bless his heart.

So, now that gas prices are falling, do Democrats get the credit? Since they were in charge back in May when Congress voted to stop adding to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, over Republicans’ objections?

Estimates of the impact of suspending the deposits varied. Some economists predicted the impact would be negligible, while Speaker Nancy Pelosi, citing others who have studied the issue, said prices could drop 5 to 24 cents a gallon.

But Representative Joe L. Barton of Texas, the senior Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee, said the measure was meaningless. “If all the members of the House would go out onto the steps and clap our hands three times and say, ‘Down prices, down prices,’ that would have as much impact as passing this bill,” he said.

Heh. But gas prices are dropping. No new oil wells have been drilled. ANWAR is still a wildlife refuge.

So suck on it Congressman Barton. And you can take Rep. Michelle Bachman with you, since she thinks ANWAR is the “most perfect place on earth” to drill for oil.

Maybe she needs to check out the Middle East?

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