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>John McCain thinks Iraq is “a peaceful and stable country now.” Seriously. Follow the link and listen to the clip yourself.

Let’s take a look at this ”peaceful and stable country,” shall we?

It’s been two days since Rania Ibrahim, 15, was detained by Iraqi Security Forces when they discovered the explosive packed vest around her chest in the northern city of Baqouba.

At first she told police that she had no idea where the vest came from, the next day she told me her husband’s relatives gave it to her but she didn’t want to die, she didn’t know what the vest was.

Today her story changes yet again. She tells us that her husband told her about the beauty of death, convinced her that paradise awaited her if she killed herself and others for the cause of Al Qaida in Iraq.

Teenage suicide bombers are a sign of a peaceful, stable country?

Here’s a story from August 26:

BAGHDAD — A bomb killed at least 25 people in an attack on a group of Iraqi police recruits outside a police station in northern Diyala Province on Tuesday, Iraqi security officials said.

Here’s one from August 15:

Iraq bombing kills 15

BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber killed 15 people Sunday night, including at least six U.S.-backed Sunni Arab fighters, near a crowded outdoor market in east Baghdad, security officials and local leaders said.

I know, I’m cherry-picking the bad news. There’s been good news, too. Like the one about the world’s biggest Ferris Wheel coming to Iraq. Some folks wonder how it will turn without electricity:

I can not describe the pain of my heart when I read the news. I even can not my feelings now. I wish I can cry. I wish I had power to do something, to change this ill reality. We don’t have power in our houses and our great officials plan to build the biggest Ferris wheel.

Yesterday was one more hot and moist day of August. We don’t have an air conditioner in our house because we don’t have enough power. I can buy four but they will be not more than a decoration. We use the air cooler which is not really effective but it’s better than nothing. I spent the day at home. My two years old son was crying all the time because the poor child can not stand the hot weather. I tried to keep him always near the air cooler but its never enough. My son is only one child. We have hundreds of thousands all over Iraq.

Instead of building new power plants, our government is planning to waste our money by doing useless projects. With the beginning of 2008, The PM said that 2008 would be the year of building and reconstruction. It looks that the rebuilding of our government means only changing the pavements and planting few flowers here and there.

That’s some peaceful, stable country you have there, Senator McCain.

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