American Airlines Sucks

I’ll spare you the sordid details for now. Just trust me on this: American Airlines sucks. They’ve basically screwed us royally on our vacation, 36 hours before departure.

In discussing how much American Airlines sucks, Mr. Beale and I realized that American Airlines has sucked on pretty much every major vacation trip we’ve taken. We don’t travel all that often, and yet they’ve managed to ruin virtually every trip. What are the odds?

They sucked when we were stuck on the tarmac for four hours at DFW last November. They sucked when we flew from Italy to London to Chicago to Nashville, delayed every step of the way until finally, we arrived home so late we had to wait on the tarmac for someone to bring those rolling stairs out because BNA was closed and there was no one to open a gate for us.

And now here we are, 36 hours before leaving for vacation, and American Airlines has ruined it for us again. And we’re not even at the airport yet.

I’m really tired of you people sucking. You know who didn’t suck? Continental. I flew to Scandinavia with no troubles at all. I’ve been a loyal AA customer for over 20 years, frequent flyer club member, Gold status, yada yada. I’m tired of being treated like shit by American Airlines.

I’m finished with you. You suck.


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5 responses to “American Airlines Sucks

  1. >AA sucks! They changed my flight schedule without a notification. I knew it on my departure date. I almost missed my flight! I booked for Busan-Beijing-Chicago, but I was booked for Busan-Tokyo-Chicago. Now, they messed up my brother's flight for both rounding trips, and my returning flight, again.

  2. >God, I don't even want to think about them right now but I have never experienced more rude people in my life.

  3. >All commercial airlines suck, dear. If you really must fly use the charter airlines or fly private. Also, ""? You must stop slumming, it's not becoming.

  4. >My wife and I booked round trip airfare and a hotel in Las Vegas, all through American Airlines. They canceled the flight the day we were leaving and told us because we didn't buy flight insurance we get nothing back, a pack of thieves, we were ready willing and able to fly.

  5. >They have no concept of customer service. Worst possible airline on the planet. On the phone for a half an hour to be told complaints have to be e-mailed or postal and will be addressed in 5-7 days. ARE THEY SERIOUS? My daughter and her husband left for their honeymoon today. Before the even got to the airport they were called and told to get there as soon as possible as the flight had been cancelled at BWI and they will be flown to JFK for another flight. Flown to JFK and then the flight was postponed several times. 6 hours later and they finally leave. Not a single one of the assholes gave a crap about wasting the whole first day of their honeymoon. If you read their "policy" on these situations it sounds nice. In reality American Airlines don't care one bit about the customers. I would rather strap luggage to my ass and hike for a week then partronize this poor excuse for a airline. If I treated my customers like they do I would be out of business in a month.