>I wonder if this means we can revoke the guns-in-bars bill:

John Harris, executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association that wants to know the names of the cops who dared to oppose the guns-in-restaurants bill, has not registered as a lobbyist with the state — despite the fact that his organization says it lobbies legislators on its membership application form.


Lawmakers will often invoke the NRA and the TFA when discussing these gun-control bills before committees, even saying at times that both organizations approve of a certain proposal or amendment. Lobbyist registration costs $150.00, in addition to a $40.00 training fee.

Just kidding about revoking that bill, but seriously: I thought all gun people were law-abiding citizens?

Harris claims he doesn’t “lobby,” merely writes the organization’s newsletter.

However, his bio on his lawfirm website says otherwise:

Mr. Harris serves as the Executive Director of the Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc., he has served as a legal consultant for four of the NRA-ILA’s lobbyists in Tennessee, and he has also served as the registered lobbyist for the Tennessee Firearms Association Legislative Action Committee.


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