TNGOP: Petty Party

Tennessee Senate Republicans have just said no to locating statues honoring Al Gore and Cordell Hull on capitol grounds.

From Pith:

Senate Republicans have defeated a resolution urging the state to raise private money to build a statue of Al Gore and another famous Tennessee Democrat, Cordell Hull, on the Capitol grounds. Gore and Hull are Tennessee’s only Nobel peace prize winners. So what? Republicans hate Gore. They didn’t even take the trouble to explain why they’re against the statues. The 15-14 vote in favor of the resolution fell two votes short of a majority. Does this make Senate Republicans look petty and ridiculously partisan? You bet.

Yup, sure does.

I say fuck ‘em. Let’s locate the statues somewhere else, say, off capitol grounds yet somewhere prominent, perhaps the new convention center roundabout. Take that, assholes.

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