>Green Light

>This morning I received a phone call from Nashville Electric Service informing me that the issues putting NES and TVA at odds have been, if not resolved, at least worked out sufficiently that Generation Partners have been removed from the equation.

In other words, our solar panels are no longer caught up in green tape! We can sign a contract to begin generating green power off our roof and feed it to the electrical grid.

Apparently NES and TVA are giving themselves a 6-month window to hash out the most problematic of their issues, so things still aren’t 100% resolved. And Lightwave Solar was out at the house this morning switching something around which, mid-way through, they learned they would need to switch back when NES changed its mind about something technical. So there are still some problems to be worked out. But the bottom line is, people like us are no longer stuck in the middle of that dispute and can sign our contracts.

This is terrific news and I cannot wait to get my solar panels commissioned! I send out heartfelt thanks to Steve Johnson at Lightwave Solar, Christian and Jamey at The Mighty Deuce, ACK at Post Politics for linking to my first blog post about this, and most of all: NES and TVA for working out a solution!

Thank you everybody! And now: to the green future …. and beyooooooond!!

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