Putting It All Together

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How can songs, poems, and the arts counteract such a monolithic malignancy?

In his book “God’s Politics” Jim Wallis says that a politician is someone who won’t make a decision until they stick their finger in the air to determine which way the wind is blowing.

What we need to do, Wallis says, is change the wind.

And that is exactly what the arts does: it changes the wind.


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4 responses to “Putting It All Together

  1. >I love it "What we need to do is change the wind".Guess it depends on who is saying what to whom.thanks for this one.

  2. >I don't think the arts "change the wind". I think art clears the air. It knocks the dust off stale old forms and stirs things up.It makes change possible. But art doesn't change direction by itself.For that, you need relationships.

  3. >To counterbalance the downward spiral of history, I play banjo. Works for me. Proud Banjo-Playin' Socialist

  4. >Sobe, I am very happy that you are keeping this topic front and center, and I will certainly join you in this effort.My cynicism comes from a perception that those at the center of power cling to power no matter what we do. One cannot protest or shame them enough. Recalling the Woody Guthrie protest songs of the Dust Bowl era, it hurts to see the labor movement so weakened as it is today. Meanwhile, the elite continue to push the frontiers of economic exploitation further into the wilderness.My oft used saying: Chicanery and corruption are the default condition of the human species.But make no mistake: I will be there with you.