>So, let’s say your neighbor, the most impoverished person in the neighborhood, suffers a disaster. Let’s say their house catches on fire and burns to the ground. Is the first thing you do:

A) Help your neighbor in whatever way you can;

B) Tell the world that any financial assistance sent to your neighbor will just get stolen, and conclude your neighbor “needs discipline”;

C) Assert that the mayor of your town will just use the disaster to pander to certain voters;

D) Claim your neighbor is paying for a pact they made with the Devil years ago to oust their French landlord. “True story!”

If you are an American conservative with your own TV or radio show, guess which of these scenarios you did yesterday?

International aid organizations and religious organizations have offices in Haiti and staff on the ground coordinating relief efforts. For a more productive response, check out this list of legitimate groups responding to the Haiti disaster. They will not steal your money.


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  1. >Didn't see these guys on the list.http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/Doctors Without Borders | MSF USA Secure web site, easy donation.RJ

  2. >Doctors without borders is an excellent organization. We had donated to their tsunami relief fund and they responded that they had more money than they could spend on that project. They offered to refund our donation or asked if they could use it for another project. Very upstanding and ethical in my mind and so we had them use it where they thought would be best.

  3. >We sometimes forget how much guys like Rush really hate black people. He hates President Obama with everything he's got. He hates blacks in the United States. And apparently he is broad-minded enough to hate poor black people in disaster-torn Haiti. By his tortured logic, Bush should have sent more help to New Orleans to shore up political support for the republican party from black Americans. I guess from his point of view, sending water, food, blankets, clothing, medicine and doctors just doesn't really make any sense. He doesn't understand it.

  4. >Flying Junior – with great respect, I think you are giving too much credit to the haters.They have feelings. They have feelings of hate and fear. Where these feelings come from may not be clear (some people are just biologically fearful I guess), but what they do with them is easy – pin the blame on their favored hate-object. So then they blurt out their hate using whatever topic the day may bring, kinda of like a Mad-Lib of hate. Only afterwards might the intellect kick in, to justify whatever they blurted out. Or they might just deny ever having said what they just said.It's an emotional process, not an intellectual one.And … in the spirit …"Pat Robertson Admits His Deal With Satan""Billionaire evangelist Pat Robertson admitted today that he made a deal with Satan for worldly success."You ask how I know that the Haitians made a deal with the devil?" he said to his radio audience, "Well it's because the Devil Himself told me. We talk every day as I report to him what I do for him."Didn't you ever notice I make millions from blood diamonds in Zaire, and none of my Christian flock ever objected?," he went on. "I blamed 9/11 on lesbians! The crazier the things I do and say, the more money I make. That's not how God works. Obviously I did a deal with the Other Guy."…"

  5. >Hey Rewinn,That's pretty funny, but I don't so much care what Robertson says. He's been preaching this voodoo for so long he doesn't know what to really believe. He's very silly. God's judgment. Yawn…But what Rush says comes from a very dark place. I suppose I'm just overly sensitive to attacks on Obama. But it really freax me out. Especially to exploit such an abject human tragedy just for laughs. It's unconscionable.

  6. >Rush Limbaugh is a pos and the sooner he OD's on oxy or infarcts the better.

  7. >Rush Limbaugh is a pos and the sooner he OD's on oxy or infarcts the better.

  8. >Rush Limbaugh is a pos and the sooner he OD's on oxy or infarcts the better.Ah, tolerant and progressive Liberals, wishing death upon those they disagree with.Stay classy!

  9. >mike w.:Dude, I'm still waiting for you to furnish that treasure trove of comments and posts wherein you supported Gay Rights as much as you supported Gun Rights.And, yes, I wish that bloated, bloviating pos would die. Is he one of your heroes?

  10. >Still waiting for you to quit running away from discussions the moment facts are brought into it, or perhaps explain how CA has "relatively lax gun laws"But hey, the facts don't support your position, which is why you've run away from every gun related discussion. I can't really blame ya.I'll say it again directed at you this time "why are anti-gunners so violent?"

  11. >Now who's dodging questions, mikey boy? How's your support for Gay Rights going? You stated that you support Gay Rights as much as Gun Rights. I asked for proof. You don't offer any. In my world that's called "lying".You assbolutely love that "lax CA gun laws thing. Is that because it's all you've really got to work with?

  12. >Support any of your gun control positions with facts big boy.I know you can't, but it'd be nice to see you try.of course if you do it at your place you'll simply start deleting comments that prove you wrong.You are the epitome of intellectual cowardice. I'm not suprised you don't try your crap at my blog.

  13. >mikey:You just keep on pushing that meme about others not doing what you ask of THEM. Meantime, why not provide proof of your support for Gay Rights? You made the statement, back it up with some proof–or not. You like insulting, demeaning and bullying other folks with whom you disagree but, as is the case with most bullies, you whine about it when others return your crap in kind. You don't impress me with either your nastiness or your oft repeated "facts" (at least those that support your view on gunz). Your comments here and at Mikeb30200 are just word salad. You're an agnostic? Which means what? You don't believe in, or not believe in GOD? It's not likely I'll be taking advice from someone who's not able to make a decision about something so basic.

  14. >Oh, mikey:BTW, I wouldn't come to your blog, unless of course you put up that banner that says, "I support Gay Rights just as much as I support Gun Rights!" and put up some posts to prove it.

  15. >A likeable out of date majority is the favour of a well-spent youth. Instead of its bringing dejected and woebegone prospects of disintegrate, it would hand out us hopes of timeless youth in a less ill world.