>Why We Help

>Rush Limbaugh is an ass. He doesn’t seem to know that a helping hand is far more powerful, and far more enduring, than a shower of bombs.

He forgets we come on the age’s most uncertain hour, and sing an American tune….


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  1. >That was a nice trip down memory lane. One of my favorite artists. We were just driving home from the nature preserve yesterday trying to remember songs from the first Simon & Garfunkel album. He always had a way to raise our collective consciousness.It's very difficult to understand someone who would ridicule a desperately needed humanitarian relief effort. It's a perversion of the human heart, where people seek to have their basest and most vile thoughts and instincts somehow justified by hearing them echoed.I hope that the weather remains mild during these first weeks. We are expecting a major El Nino rainfall event. Meteorologists have predicted 6 inches of rain along the entire coast of California over the next seven days. Wind gusts in the Sierra Nevada of up to 200 mph. As much as 30 inches of rain in certain mountains and favored areas. I know that this type of pattern can cause flooding as far away as Texas.

  2. >Stay dry, FJ — we've got rain in Nashville right now, but it's a welcome relief from the bitter cold we had earlier this month. Feels like springtime!

  3. >Rush Limbaugh walks into a doctor's office for an apppointment. The doctor tells him to drop trou and turn around. The M.D. looks at an angry pionidal cyst on Limbaugh's ass and says, "I see the problem." The cyst replies, "Great! Now, can you cut this ass off of my growth?".

  4. >Thanks for that beautiful Paul Simon tune. And I agree with you about Limbaugh.

  5. >I heard he wants to buy a heart. And he doesn't care who he has to get ahead of to do it.

  6. >Flying Junior:The heart would reject him.