Let’s Talk About ACORN Some More

Please, let’s:

The FBI, alleging a plot to wiretap Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office in downtown New Orleans, arrested four people Monday, including James O’Keefe, a conservative filmmaker whose undercover videos at ACORN field offices severely damaged the advocacy group’s credibility.

FBI Special Agent Steven Rayes alleges that O’Keefe aided and abetted two others, Joseph Basel and Robert Flanagan, who dressed up as employees of a telephone company and attempted to interfere with the office’s telephone system.

A fourth person, Stan Dai, was accused of aiding and abetting Basel and Flanagan. All four were charged with entering fedral property under false pretenses with the intent of committing a felony.

Absofucking hilarious. Did these conservaclowns actually think they could wiretap a Senator’s office and not get busted?

Can’t wait to hear more.

[UPDATE]: There’s more! Already! Just read at MSNBC that Robert Flanagan is the son of William J. Flanagan, the acting U.S. attorney for western Louisiana.

[UPDATE 2]: Memory Hole: 31 House Republicans Supported resolution honoring alleged felon James O’Keefe…

[UPDATE 3]: Some folks are smelling a ratfucker

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8 responses to “Let’s Talk About ACORN Some More

  1. >You want more? You want more??Here! (courtesy of Meander): http://www.webcommentary.com/php/ShowArticle.php?id=gaynorm&date=100122This ain't the only trouble this guy's in!

  2. >Wah waaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  3. >Didn't these guys ever see All The Presidents Men? Its out on DVD… c'mon. Its interesting.. even though the Royalists are winning on every front I can think of (except the battlefield, that is) they still persist in going across the line with this batshit loony stuff like breaking into and bugging a freakin' senators office. Gotta be a base contempt for law itself. And it doesn't bode well for the future. There's more than a few Al Haigs & Ollie Norths out there ready and willing. 37°52'18s N / 122°16'18s W

  4. >of course now everytime this is mentioned we get to see a replay of the ACORN vids. great.

  5. >Actually Wee'rd B, you've got a point about Obama, the telcos and wiretapping. Unfortunately for some unfathomable reason you didn't go far enough in your research. This has been going on since DC was wired for telephones. In the mid '20s J. Edgar Hoover 'requested' the telephone companies to make their lines available to investigators. The telcos, knowing full well if they said no they'd get ratfucked by Hoover, and being the corporate slimebags they probably were anyway, they were only too happy to give Hoover and his investigators full and complete and undocumented access to any and all electronic transmissions ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY. Note: no warrant, no legal basis for this at all, just being 'good citizens' squealing on their customers. So as much as it might be politically expedient for you to hang this on Obama — and I'm not letting him off the hook either — , this particular ratfucking started under one of the most right-wing psychopaths this country ever produced — J Edgar Hoover. That is all. 37°52'18s N / 122°16'18s W

  6. >Fair enugh, Anon. Honestly, it was a non-partisan comment with a current event slapped on. (Ms. Beale ignores me when I make a good point, and won't read or comment on my blog, so why waste effort on what she won't acknowledge?)But yeah, the 4th Amendment is the 4th Amendment, and it means what it says, and I admonish all who don't respect it. Be it Obama, Bush, Hoover, or whoever. And generally the .gov has always felt that ALL the amendments of the constitution are VERY flexible.I disagree.