.. And Oh My God

This is the quintessential “Nashville snow day” shot. Unfortunately this is my neighbor. Apparently they missed their driveway … by a lot. Thank God they also missed their fire hydrant.

Meanwhile, the cat has still not returned. I know he’s a bigamist — he has at least one other family, maybe two. Perhaps he’s asleep in someone else’s living room. I guarantee you I am in big trouble with Mr. Beale for letting the cat out, though.

[UPDATE]: The prodigal feline has returned. Shhhh…. don’t tell Mr. Beale I let him out in a snowstorm. It will be just between us.


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3 responses to “.. And Oh My God

  1. >busted! heh. my kittehs are 100% indoors. i let them out on the house porch for a few minutes in the morning, so they can roll on the concrete, which they seem to really enjoy. but i don't let them out of my sight when i do that, and after i've finished a ciggy, it's time for the whole family to go back inside. i could never have a "bigamist" cat. way too stressful for this worrywort.

  2. >Our cats are all indoors too, we just have the one who goes out. He was a neighborhood Tom who adopted us (and a few other families) … we've tried to domesticate him as much as we can but his wandering ways are far too ingrained to go back now. When we don't let him out he starts peeing all over the house, attacking other cats, etc. He WILL not be denied!

  3. >It's just as bead down here, in the Memphis area. I helped push 3 neighbors out of bad spots yesterday. I'm taking the Honda Civic out in this. My three cats and I are hunkered down for the weekend. The cats are "watching TV." I put a big bowl of birdseed out on the huge snow drift on the back deck. It took the birds a while to figure out that the cats couldn't get them… and now it's ON!It's too funny watching the cats all bristly, and futilely stalking the birds. Good times. –mf