>Hey Teabaggers: At Least Our Signs Are Spelled Right

>Tweeted two hours ago from Chuck Todd:

And the above was taken about 30 minutes ago at the corner of West End and Murphy Road here in Nashville.

There were about 20 people at the lunchtime rally to support healthcare reform. About what I’ve seen at past events. Lots of horn-honkers and thumbs-up to show support, plus the obligatory asshole shouting “get a job.” There’s always one.


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6 responses to “>Hey Teabaggers: At Least Our Signs Are Spelled Right

  1. >Dangit – I went by about 11:30 hoping some of y'all would already be there (I'm old. I have to take an 11:00 lunch so I'll be in the right rhythm for my 4:30 pm dinner at Shoney's 🙂 )Alas, nobody was there yet. I was going to drive by with Rush cranked up. :)I'll catch you next time!

  2. >SB, we go out about once a month or so here to stand on the corner waving our single-payer placards — but in the Berkeley area I've never seen (or heard) a dissenting voice. If there was only a provision on the tax form where we could indicate where our money should go…. This is from the podium of…37°52'18s N / 122°16'18s W

  3. >roadmaster1968:Let me put that in context for you. If we don't rashing healthcare, we'll all be eatin C-rashins.

  4. >Rashing care is best done by antibiotics, if the rash is caused by bacteria. Otherwise I'd recommend an oatmeal bath.SB, those "get a job!" clowns are hilarious. They actually illustrate yet another problem with our health care system — the fact that health insurance is tied to one's workplace (if one should be so lucky to work in a place that does provide this luxurious benefit).

  5. >Good point, Elizabeth.Of course, the most obvious problem with the "get a job" shouters is that the rally was at lunchtime and the person doing the shouting was obviously not at work either.