>Is Charlie Crist Dumping GOP?

>The rumor is that Charlie Crist is going to try to pull a Lieberman:

Two highly placed and independent sources, speaking strictly on background, tell me that Gov. Charlie Crist is preparing to leave the Republican Party and run as an independent in the race for the U.S. Senate.

Well, isn’t that interesting.

It would be a smart move — it seems to me this would be Crist’s only chance of winning the Florida Senate race.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we had a Senate comprised of Democrats, Republicans and a healthy percentage of Independents? Seems to me that’s where we’re headed.


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6 responses to “>Is Charlie Crist Dumping GOP?

  1. >I would almost agree except Rubio, Charlie Crist's rightwing rival in the primary, has a minor scandal hanging over his head. With his opponent damaged, Crist has more maneuvering room than before. It all depends on former Governor Jeb Bush's endorsement. Jeb may not endorse Rubio if the candidate turns out to be damaged goods. Another wildcard: There is a rumor that Jeb may seek the senate seat for himself.

  2. >Jeb was the one Daddy groomed for office. He could do worse. John Quincy Adams lived out his days in the hallowed halls of the congress. Maybe he could make a good running mate someday.

  3. >You don't think Jeb will run for president? I do … maybe not 2012 but 2016 for sure.Rubio may have a scandal in his background but Crist hasn't had any luck trying to make hay with it. The more he tries the more Rubio's right wing follows cry for the whaaaaaambulance about how opresssssssed they are.Crist should do it, he would win the senate seat for sure. The Dem doesn't have a prayer either way.

  4. >I'm with SB here. Jeb is the Hair Apparent, not Christ. The Barons of The New World Order just wouldn't have it any other way. And Jenna/Not-Jenna is a long ways out. This is from the podium of…37°52'18s N / 122°16'18s W

  5. >SoBeThe Dem doesn't have a prayer either way.SoBe, maybe this will work for them:Almighty Jimbo:Grant me the Serenity to accept the pages I cannot edit,The Courage to edit the pages I can,And the Wisdom to whack the hell out of any troll who gets in my way.Anon, I see there is a Buddhist Temple in your neighborhood.

  6. >I think the Bush name is poison. Republicans don't want to admit it. If you pick something up and discover it's covered with fresh dogshit, you drop it in a hurry and run away to go wash your hands.