>Permanent War Economy Electric Boogaloo, V. 2

>A new milestone reached in Afghanistan, and a sad desensitization here at home:

Others see a fundamental change in American foreign policy after almost nine years of combat. “The American people and the governing class have accepted that war has become a permanent condition,” said retired Army Col. Andrew Bacevich, a history professor at Boston University whose son was killed in Iraq in 2007. “Protracted war has become a widely accepted part of our politics.”

What a difference a decade makes.

More on the permanent war economy here, here and here.


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2 responses to “>Permanent War Economy Electric Boogaloo, V. 2

  1. >I vaguely remember 1,000 G.I. deaths as being some grim milestone. People began to take notice at the approach of 2,000 deaths. But that's mostly because of the ridiculous phallacy [sic] of the Powell doctrine. War is all about killing guys. The last guys left standing win. Deaths won't be just on one side. What was it about the Viet Nam war that they didn't understand, anyway?At the time, I was more deeply ashamed about the lack of reporting, accounting or even public fucking caring at all about Iraqi casualties, Baath party, insurgent, civilian or otherwise. A lot of people just died because we fucked up their country. Granted, the prosecution of Operation Enduring Freedom has not been as messy on large civilian populations as were the first two years of Operation Kill Iraqis. But I see the same callous disregard for the value of Afghan lives. As far as the number of G.I.s killed, I got one thing to say. It's going up if we don't get the fuck out.

  2. >Afghanistan: Where Empires Go To DiePut THAT on a bumper sticker.