What The Hell, WSMV?

I’m wondering why WSMV, our local NBC affiliate, is devoting an hour of prime time tonight to an infomercial for Time-Life.com’s “Pop Memories From The ‘60s” collection.

Does it have anything to do with the fact that the episode of Law & Order SVU which viewers in other markets get to see tonight is a re-run of the one featuring Kathy Griffin as a lesbian activist who–gasp–kisses a girl?

I mean, it’s just speculation, but is it possible that WSMV thinks the “L” word is too hot for our delicate ears (or eyes)?

Of course, NBC in its infinite wisdom already edited out the offending kiss. So maybe the station is so strapped for cash that they need to devote an hour to hawking CDs featuring “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport,” instead of offering some real programming.

Just wondering which it is. I think I already know.


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8 responses to “What The Hell, WSMV?

  1. >If something as innocent and meaningful as a kiss is seen as something bad,we're back in the 1930s.Isn't it wonderful of the networks to practice voluntary censorship.

  2. >This mad me very angry! I actually never saw this episode, so it would have been a new episode for me…but, I really wanted to see it. Fortunately, I live in Lawrenceburg, TN and I am able to pick up Alabama's NBC equivalent. They showed the episode.

  3. >It was shown here in East TN, well Blount County any way. My only problem was having to watch Kathy Griffin. She's way overrated, IMO.

  4. >Kathy Griffin? Could have been worse for you suth'n types… remember Omar Little and his boyfriend on The Wire? Or did they censor that one for ya too in this Great Country of Ours? Nothing scarier to those refined Southern types than a faggy black guy with a sawed off shotgun swabbing his boyfriends tonsils down with his tongue….

  5. >The Wire was not a network show, they don't dare censor those. We pay EXTRA to see that stuff.:-)This is almost as good as the time our local CBS affiliate pre-empted 60 Minutes' episode on Bush going AWOL for a Billy Graham program.

  6. >We're a little more progressive in North Carolina so there hasn't been any sensoring of TV programs here. I watched that particular episode and to tell you the truth, I don't remember Griffin kissing another woman although she tried to kiss Olivia.Somewhere in the middle of the program Griffin came out as bi-sexual and in the last scene, she planted a bigger ole smack on Olivia's partner. All in all, not one of their better episodes; Griffin should stick to stand up.

  7. >Oops, got distracted from the actual topic here; censorship. It is a little scary to imagine that right here in the "protect our constitution and bill of rights" US there are entities who would violate those constitutional rights and not a peep out of the so-called patriotic defenders, hmmmmm.

  8. >rockync -Apparently the network flogged this supposed lesbian kiss between Griffin's character and Olivia all week, and then re-cut the ending, removing the kiss and making it look like an attempted kiss.I dunno, I don't watch the show, just read about it. You can see the uncut kiss here.I just really hate that a local network would be so afraid of some cranky old codgers and Bible thumpers flooding their switchboard that they'd just not air the episode to begin with.