Palin We Have A Problem

Much is being made of Sarah Palin’s Facebook page featuring Congress Critters like Bart Gordon in the crosshairs and her related Tweet to not retreat but “RELOAD!” In light of escalating violence and threats against pro-healthcare legislators, it is indeed irresponsible to egg on the thugs of the Tea Party movement.

Of course, the Palin crowd says she didn’t really mean to “target” certain members of Congress, those crosshairs on her map are just a graphic, ya big sillies, and when she said “reload” she meant to “reload Congress.”

Uh, yeah. You do realize that Bart Gordon isn’t running for re-election, right? So why is he in your crosshairs? Ditto with Vic Snyder and Brad Ellsworth — indeed, that little fact is even mentioned on the map. Which makes the statement “Already retiring at the end of their terms. 17 more to go!” sound even more creepy.

Amygdala America is out of control. Try as they might to mainstream their movement, there is no hiding the hate in the Tea Party.


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4 responses to “Palin We Have A Problem

  1. >What does "reload Congress" even mean? They continues to incite violence.

  2. >You can haz ur "Reload Congress" when you can pry my cold dead fingerz off the lever of the votin' machine!

  3. >You can haz ur "Reload Congress" when you can pry my cold dead fingerz off the lever of the votin' machine!You forgot to include the smiley-face. It's a mandatory defense mechanism when dealing with people who literally confuse the ammo box and the ballot box.ThresherK

  4. >Maybe time for a coordinated effort to boycott TLC? Let's not allow this woman to continue and make profits from her opportunistic pandering and irresponsible hate/fear mongering. boycott_tlc on twitter?