>Your Modern Republican Party

>A bunch of belligerent zealots, says Chris Currey, lifelong Republican who laments he was purged from the party.

Interesting read. There have got to be some folks out there for whom this message resonates. And they are hanging their head in shame.

John McCain, I am looking at you.


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12 responses to “>Your Modern Republican Party

  1. >SoBe, hope you don't mind, but I stole the story to post on my FB for my Republican friends. Peace to you.

  2. >Southern Beale:I think the GOP has a new "3 R's", Racism, Randism and Rage.

  3. >Aaahh, McCain isn't one of those w/ whom this will resonate, he just thought being a PoW, on top of his other "entitlements," earned him a permanent spot at the trough.See TPM, where he's denied ever being a "maverick," & they've refuted him ably.

  4. >He's floundering, that's for sure. And I have more stern words for McCain later today … he's got some heinous legislation that you'd *think* would make the Tea Baggers scream fascism, Hitler, totalitarianism, you name it. Of course, they don't pay attention to what Republicans are doing …

  5. >Actually, the Tea Party protesters are just as angry at the Rs as at the Ds.

  6. >Tennessee Bud:Oh, really? You have reams of data to back up that assertion? The Teabaggers are enabled by the GOP's leadership, just like the idiot KKKristians that the GOP thought would do their dirty work and then go back to handling snakes and exorcising evil (read black, jew, teh GAY, etc.,) from their loving GOD approved communities. That it has backfired on them is delicious.

  7. >So all the nice republicans are born before 1930. Makes sense. But even someone born before 1920 can still watch FOX News and become infected.

  8. >My mother always claimed she was a Republican. She was born in 1930. However, I never knew her to *vote* Republican. She certainly did not vote for Saint Ronnie Reagan but then we lived in California and had seen how he trashed the place when he was governor.

  9. >I understand that David Frum lost his job with the American Enterprise Institute. Republicans are doing what the Democrats did in the 70's. Personally I hope it works that way for Republicans. The party has NEVER represented the ordinary American.

  10. >The Teabaggers are enabled by the GOP's leadership.Where are your reams of data to back up that assertion?….

  11. >mikey:Two words, dumbfuck. Dick Armey.