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Berry Road railroad crossing, Nashville, Tennessee

My favorite thing to read is Harper’s Magazine and I just got the new issue in the mail so I will be busy for a while. I’m also still reading Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, and then I have a stack of fiction and non fiction I need to read. Some of it is for work, some of it is for pleasure. There simply is not enough time in the day for reading.

What are you reading?


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  1. Jim

    >your blog :)I mostly read Science Fiction books for pleasure. I also read the newspaper daily and skim several blogs for fun.

  2. >i don't have much time for books right now, but when i do i read sci fi for pleasure and history for interest. sherri tepper, octavia butler, chelsea quinn yarbro are my fav authors. anything they write is good. obviously i read a lot of political blogs like this one. they've become my daily "newspaper" and i have a regular habit and pattern of how i read them. i do take breaks from time to time, like now, when it's planting season and i can't really spend as much time leisurely blogging.i'm mostly reading forms and papers related to health care right now, truth be told. as a caregiver to really sick folk, i have to know all sorts of shit they didn't tell me in bible school, so to speak. it's a lot like studying up for the SATs or GREs. "if X units of medication A are exposed for 30m to 75d temps but immersed in ice water for 7min, how long before the stabilization precipitation occurs in the substance?" and shit like that. i just love our world class american health "care" system. not.

  3. >ChiDy:I remember when I was taking care of my mom and all the various and sundry meds she was on, and having to deal with administering them. Some had to be taken with food, some with water, some couldn't be taken together. Everything had to be crushed because she was on a g-tube but then I heard some meds lost their effectiveness when crushed. I mean, jeez.

  4. >"Encyclopedia of Modern American Humor" Bennett Cerf 1954.Shaggy dog stories from Dorothy Parker and O. Henry to Will Rogers.