>Oil Rig Explodes Off Louisiana Coast


Happy Earth Day

A TransOcean oil rig under contract to BP exploded off the Louisiana coast last night. And the timing of this tragedy, so close on the heels of the Massey coal mine disaster, should be lost on no one.

Prayers to the families of the missing workers. And a reminder that oil and coal are a dirty, nasty, risky business. Think about that next time you fill up the SUV.

Hey Bill Frist: remind me, how many people were killed by wind power again?


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2 responses to “>Oil Rig Explodes Off Louisiana Coast

  1. >I guess the bill to ban mountaintop removal mining in Tennessee died in the Senate Environment Comittee and never made it to the full Senate?¡Que lástima! My heartfelt sympathy.

  2. >Yes … died a slow death, despite the fact that Lamar Alexander is against mountain top removal mining.