>Apparently right-wingers have called for the fainting couches because President Obama allegedly used the term “tea bagger” in reference to the Tea Party. At least, so claims Grover Norquist to the right-wing (and for-sale) Washington Times.

Yeah, how’s that for some reliable sources for you?

Norquist supposedly got the information from an advance proof of Jonathan Alter’s new book which comes out later this month. Also, according to Norquist, “tea bagger” is now the equivalent of “the n word.” Seriously.

I have no idea whether Obama really used the term, and frankly I don’t give a damn. I just think it’s so interesting that we have a newspaper that’s for sale and a book that’s for sale and along comes someone manufacturing a controversy over something the president may or may not have said. Cozy.

The right wing loves to manufacture controversies, especially over things the President has said, the condiments he puts on his burgers, the clothing worn by his children. The left does this too, though I don’t think to the same degree, but then I’m biased.

All of which reminded me of last September’s “OMG he said jackass!” fauxtroversy, and this most excellent response. In other words, when you raise a fuss over stupid shit, you make the entire country look foolish.

From will.i.am:


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4 responses to “>Jackasses

  1. >Makes me long for the good old days when all the press cared about was Jackie's pill box hat and how cute John-John was. 37North

  2. >good point … our discourse has always been painfully stupid.

  3. >They're whining. It's kinda funny really, as well as self-defeating.See, there's a difference between the n-word and "teabagger", and the young kids get it. "Teabagger" is a word the aristocracy invented for themselves cuz they're fundamentally stupid, not just in not checking the urban dictionary beforhand, but also because clothespinning teabags to the edge of your hat looks stupid. (There's also the historical note that the historical Tea Party Patriots were protesting tax-free tea … a tax cut given to the British East India company but not to American small businessman … but the history of that is not taught in our schools …).In contrast, the n-word was invented by the aristocracy to keep someone else down and its targets have the right to like it or to hate it.Every time an aristocracy-lover whines about being called "teabagger" another young voter bursts out laughing, and that can't be good for the aristocracy.

  4. >Everybody is hitler, everything is socialism, teabaggers calling themselves that is like the n's calling themselves that, oh wait…umm…