>How To Take A Shower In A Water Shortage

>1- Get a liquid soap of some kind. I like Dr. Bronner’s because it’s all natural, it lathers up really, really well, and you can buy it by the gallon. Also, it comes in all sorts of yummy varieties (I like the Eucalyptus and Almond Oil scents, but Peppermint is great for really hot days because it leaves your skin tingling).

2- Get a washcloth.

3- Turn on the shower and wet yourself and your washcloth very quickly. Then turn the water off. If you have a hand-nozzle, use that instead of the shower head, as it uses less water.

4- Pour a generous amount of soap into your washcloth and then lather up all over. If you are using Dr. Bronner’s you can also wash your hair with it. Ladies, you can shave your legs and your pits, all without turning the water on. Men, I don’t know what to tell you, except I’ve always thought beards are sexy.

5- Turn on the shower/hand nozzle and rinse yourself off.

And you’re done!

Apparently Nashville is still experiencing a water shortage, so I thought I’d share my little tip.


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9 responses to “>How To Take A Shower In A Water Shortage

  1. >Also, consider sharing your shower with your honey and saving your shower water to put on your outside garden.Good luck with your water-saving strategy! I'm sorry to see more deaths reported on the news from your state's flooding.

  2. >Or, if he is busy, shower with a friend. I'm available on Saturday.

  3. >:-)Communal showers! Awesome!!!

  4. >About shaving, for men: Heat some water in a kettle, maybe a quart, to hotter than your hot tap water.Rinse or wash your face with about a third. Shave with the rest. Start with it hotter than your tap water, as it will cool down in the sink. But it beats continually running hot tap water to heat up what's there, or shaving with running tap water.(Disclaimer: I'm not telling you to burn yourself.)ThresherK

  5. >Dr. Bronner's is really great! Their soap lasts for months. Thanks for the great tips.

  6. >baby butt wipes. i swear by them, when i'm camping. no water needed. shaving? fuck it. seriously. wear pants, ladies who need to have "clean" legs. men, go for it and do that Barengar of the North thingee. hot water or anti-bacterial wipes kill the germs that cause odor. if you don't have one, use the other.

  7. >Good tips! Now, anything about doing laundry? Because that is quickly becoming a problem 😉

  8. >Yeesh, laundry is a problem … other than getting one of those high efficiency washing machines that don't use hardly any water, I've got nuthin'

  9. >instead of buying an expensive machine buy cheap clothes and get rid of the dirty items