>Out Of Ideas

>SNL captured the “we have no fucking clue what we’re doing but trust us anyway” message we’ve been getting from BP. Seriously, the “junk shot”? Are they kidding? Meanwhile, over at the Swash Zone are some alarming photos of the spill.



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5 responses to “>Out Of Ideas

  1. >I suspect that those three guys COULD have a better idea that BP and it's henchpersons.

  2. >Here's a link to Juan Cole…http://www.juancole.com/2010/05/bp-trashes-apollo-astronauts-parrots-sarah-palin-oil-godzilla-heads-for-coast.htmlEducational reading. Especially where the White House and BP chose to not release the video to the public but kept on watching it themselves like some kind of industrial porn loop.

  3. >SoBe, many thanks for the heads up. I saw your "Seize BP" logo and added to the Zone. Many thanks for this too.

  4. >If a foreign country did to us what BP did, we'd have invaded them a week ago.

  5. >Nothin' to worry about. The Mama Grizzlies are gonna get America straightened out. Look over there! A young blonde woman gone missing!