>The End Of The Oil Age


Author and senior-fellow-in-residence at the Post Carbon Institute Richard Heinberg says what I’ve been saying for years:

But the following should be an even clearer conclusion from all that has happened, and that is still unfolding: This is what the end of the oil age looks like. The cheap, easy petroleum is gone; from now on, we will pay steadily more and more for what we put in our gas tanks—more not just in dollars, but in lives and health, in a failed foreign policy that spawns foreign wars and military occupations, and in the lost integrity of the biological systems that sustain life on this planet.

The only solution is to do proactively, and sooner, what we will end up doing anyway as a result of resource depletion and economic, environmental, and military ruin: end our dependence on the stuff. Everybody knows we must do this. Even a recent American president (an oil man, it should be noted) admitted, “America is addicted to oil.” Will we let this addiction destroy us, or will we overcome it? Good intentions are not enough. Now is the moment for the President, other elected officials at all levels of government, and ordinary citizens to make this our central priority as a nation. We have hard choices to make, and an enormous amount of work to do.

Call your Congress Critter.

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  1. >I've been saying it for years as well. I've been scoffed at, laughed at, ridiculed for saying that there just isn't enough left to sustain for long. Even the U.S. Army has admitted it, and is making plans for a post-oil future.The Boomers, once lauded as the generation to end war and cure cancer, has, sadly, convinced themselves that everything will just work out, and their kids will inherit debt and a polluted planet as a result.