>How We Wrecked The Ocean

>This TED lecture from ecologist Jeremy Jackson explains really well what I’ve been saying about the importance of understanding resources not just economically but as living systems. When “tree huggers” mobilize to save an endangered snail darter, it’s not because everyone is so enamored of a little fish. It’s because they understand that every living organism plays an important role in that system. Get rid of one component and you throw the whole thing out of balance. No one thought sea urchins were a big deal until they were gone, the seaweed took over the coral reef, and now there’s no fish.

It’s almost 20 minutes long but well worth it.



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2 responses to “>How We Wrecked The Ocean

  1. >It's interesting what he said about sport fishing. Those fish from the keys looked like lake fish. Everyone has seen the big sailfish or swordfish that were the big game fish of years gone by. Up until the early 1960s the big 1,300 lb. females were caught every season from Mexico to Peru. The trophies were six feet long not counting the snout. They're all gone now. 600-800 lbs. is all you are likely to see. I saw a local photograph of a Pacific Grouper caught off of San Diego in the late 1920s. A six-foot tall man was posing next to that grouper. That fish must have weighed five hundred pounds. There are still 200-300 lb. groupers off the shore today. But they're catching them and selling them as fast as they can.I had no idea what trawling was. How positively wretched.

  2. >I know … I can't eat fish anymore. And beef is really damaging to the environment too. But I can't go vegetarian, either. I am trying … baby steps.