>"You Maniacs!"

>I think this clip adequately sums up my feelings toward BP and every other “drill baby drill” booster out there. I have said it before (notably, here), and I will say it again: we have poisoned the Gulf of Mexico. Permanently.

No one seems to get this. I don’t think the news media yet understands the magnitude of this disaster. The Gulf of Mexico will be a a dead zone. We killed it.

We finally really did it.


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  1. >We also need to look at policies that put much (most?) land-based US sources off-limits. It is apparently better to drill offshore, and rely on oil from unstable countries likely to support terrorism than it is to drill in the American west.

  2. >See, this is the ignorance of the conservative mindset that makes me nuts.There is not enough land-based oil. There is a reason we are going offshore to begin with. There is a reason we are no longer drilling in 350 feet of water but 5,000 feet of water. There is a reason we are doing it this way and that simple reason is that GOD DOESN'T MAKE DINOSAURS ANY MORE.The only solution is to GET OFF THE OIL TIT. NOW.How many times do I have to say it? We've been playing this dwindling resource game for a generation. We are truly the stupidest generation (see Tom Tomorrow's cartoon this week … he nailed it). We've happily ignored every warning sign we've been given for 40 years and then act all "oh well, la-ti-da we'll just drill somewhere else" when the inevitable happens.There is no "somewhere else." The oil is GONE.This is reality.

  3. Jim

    >http://www.studentnewsdaily.com/daily-news-article/us-policies-put-most-us-oil-off-limits-to-drilling/Here is an article detailing how American policy has restricted access to available oil in land based reservoirs.

  4. >From CNS News, Jim? "An alternate to the liberal media?" GIve me a fucking break.I'm not playing games here. Deal with facts, not propaganda, please.There is MORE energy that is wasted through inefficient systems and technologies than can be found in ANWR. Conservation is the "low hanging fruit." I've already blogged about this a thousand times.

  5. >It would be more convincing if you stuck your fingers in your ears and hummed and yelled "III CAAAN'T HEEAR YOU!!!!"If that doesn't work, try pouting.Or you could accept reality and grow up.

  6. >It would be more convincing if you stuck your fingers in your ears and hummed and yelled "III CAAAN'T HEEAR YOU!!!!"I'm pretty sure SoBeale is experienced with that. She did it with regularity every time she wrote a biased & ignorance laden gun post.

  7. Jim

    >So the US does allow drilling for oil in these locations? I am sure BP and Exxon will be thrilled to hear about that!Your position was that there was no more readily available sources of oil underground in America, that was why this deep sea well was created. However, this is wrong. There are plenty of options that could be developed both land based and in shallow water closer to shore. The government has decided to forbid developing these areas at this time.

  8. Jim

    >Here is a link directly to the government report that CNS wrote about: http://www.blm.gov/epca/phase2/text/full_text.pdfIs that a better source for you SB?

  9. >Jim did you even read the report? It says there are "20.6 billion barrels of undiscovered technically recoverable resources."We consume 21 million barrels A DAY, 7.5 billion barrels a YEAR–80% of it in transportation. We'd blow through those reserves in 3 years. What will we do then? Invade another country? Try to tell ourselves that extreme drilling in ultra deep water is safe?Bush ordered that report. Do you seriously think after 8 years of anything goes Bush Cheney oil industry rule that if the oil companies wanted that oil they wouldn't be pumping it out of the ground?You aren't getting it. The oil age is OVER. It's done. We've been needing to "transition" away from oil for decades, but we never did it. The conventional wisdom was that oil would bridge that transition: guess what. We never transitioned. Our demand just kept rising and rising, as did the rest of the world's. Now we see increasing demand and declining reserves. Look, according to this EPA report if we got just a teensy bit serious about transportation efficiency we could save MORE oil per day than we currently pull out of the Gulf of Mexico.It's not that hard. It doesn't require a huge sacrifice, or eating tofu or being fat like Al Gore. It just requires people being honest with themselves and not taking the easy way, which is listening to the idiots with a political agenda.See you at the gas line. Oh wait, no I won't.

  10. >Jim and I are having a conversation. People who come in here to contribute nothing but insults will have their comments deleted.

  11. >"There are plenty of options that could be developed both land based and in shallow water closer to shore"This is the mentality of wreckers.. those who would shit in their own nest. "The first rule of insanity is to leverage the crisis to your advantage since you don't care about the consequences" – Dmitry Orlov37North

  12. Jim

    >"The Gulf of Mexico will be a a dead zone. We killed it.We finally really did it."I would have thought the 1979 spill that was quite a bit larger than this spill would have already killed the Gulf of Mexico.

  13. >It definitely started the process. Watch that 20 minute Jeremy Jackson video I posted on Monday for all of the many many ways we have killed the oceans over the years. These things are cumulative.It will break your heart.

  14. Tom

    >You'd be mightily amused by my in-laws, who live a privileged life in Dafne, AL. They informed us, with great gravitas, "The spill has been exaggerated." Not that they've been home in the last two months, or that they ever read a newspaper.When there's no gas left at the pumps, they'll be telling me it was my liberal politics that doomed Western Civilization.

  15. Jim

    >SB – I believe it was the respected Ted Danson who 20 or so years ago stated we only had 10 years to change our ways or the oceans would be dead.Now don't get me wrong, we don't need to be purposefully dumping oil and other crap into the oceans, but we are hardly killing the oceans either. There is no need to be so dramatic as to claim we have killed the ocean.Similarly, Algore predicted we only had 10 years to fix global warming or we would be doomed. Now that was a little over 4 years ago. I have a strong feeling that in 6 years we will be doing pretty much the same things and all will be just fine on the global temperature front.I do what is reasonable to save energy because it saves me money in the long run and I am cheap. I see the value in paying more for a certain product – such as CFLs because overall they save me money.But lets be honest. We will be using petroluem as a fuel for at least another 20-30 years.

  16. >There is no need to be so dramatic as to claim we have killed the ocean.Ummm … actually yeah there is. We've got people like Tom's inlaws in denial about what's happening 7 miles off the coast, we have Haley Barbour pretending everything is just fine, we have our own Secy of the Interior telling us that we can still drill safely despite all evidence to the contrary. Yeah I'd say some drama is long overdue.Watch the Jeremy Jackson video. And yes Al Gore was right, we had 10 years before we reached the "tipping point" and we seem to have reached it. You seem to think Gore was saying we'd all vanish in a poof of smoke on a specific day. He didn't say that. He said we'd reach a point where we could no longer fix the damage we've done. Proof of that will be coming, I have no doubt.Nashville had it's third 100 year flood in 40 years this spring. It's only June 1 and it was 95 degrees today. Our planet has changed and it's changed beyond our ability to repair it.

  17. >The oceans of the world, not just the waters out to the continental shelf are heavily polluted–and not just where we live, work, have accidents and dump our waste. The notion that we can continue to live the way we've lived for the last one hundred years–ruthlessly exploiting mineral and other natural resources–is just plain stupid.