Memory Hole, Obama Edition

Remember when right-wingers like Glenn Beck were in a tizzy over all of those Obama “Czars”?

Remember when our glorious Liberal Media was so worried about how Obama was doing “too much, too soon”?

We heard the “doing too much” line a lot. I mean really, really a lot.

So just curious how you folks now Monday morning quarterbacking the President on his failure to clean house at MMS and anticipate the worst environmental disaster in the country’s history would have reacted if he had come in and done exactly what you are now saying he should have done 18 months ago.

And that’s not even getting into the issue of secret holds on Obama nominees (and some not-so-secret ones.) Or the fact that President Bush “burrowed” industry-friendly appointees at the Interior Dept. into career civil-service positions.

So you folks whining about how Obama should have magically come in and swept out all the corrupt industry cronies at Interior need to shut your gobs. And yes, Rudy Giuliani, I’m looking at you.

There are plenty of things to criticize Obama for on this oil spill but let’s remember the narrative of the past 18 months, shall we? The same people yammering about death panels and FEMA concentration camps and birth certificates and “Czars”–and some of you idiots are still whining about the Czar thing–would have turned any housecleaning at Interior into some kind of Socialist-Sierra Club conspiracy bent on turning our resources over to the United Nations or some such.

Our narrative in this country is so stupid. For months we heard nothing but how Obama was doing too much, oh my word, it was all just too much. Now you assholes want to say he didn’t do enough? Just zip it.

Time to move on.


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5 responses to “Memory Hole, Obama Edition

  1. >I actually was thinking the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago.Remember also that the right complained that he was holding too many press conferences and interrupting too much television time. Then the complain for the past few months that Obama has been in hiding due to lack of press conferences.WHAT DO THEY WANT?!

  2. >I know this is directed at the jerks who knee-jerk criticism at our president. But they wouldn't learn anything even if they were smart enough to come here and read this.As I've noted on my blog and in other blog comments, the Goopers have been against this man since before he took office–remember the fat-mouthed gasbag who hoped he would fail?We're hopelessly divided, and Mr. Obama's dream of bringing this nation together isn't going to happen so long as stupidity and spite powers the opposition.

  3. Jim

    >Alot of the criticism of Obama not doing enough in the Gulf is coming from the left.As far as the right goes, of course they are going to complain that everything Obama does is wrong. They are the opposition party and they are opposing Obama. It was pretty much the same by the Democrats and Bush. Bush did nothing right according to the left. It is pretty much the state of politics today and it is why so many Americans have thrown up their hands in disgust and simply don't participate anymore.

  4. >Darn good post.Jim: I think you're correct about much of the left being as critical of Obama as the right. IMO, much of it is based on immaturity as well as ignorance of all these things work or don't work. It also reminds me of football fans who support their teams but only when they are winning.I do not agree with you about the criticism of Bush by the Dems – not entirely anyway. Not only did the Dems support the Iraq war in the early days they stood behind Bush after 9/11. Here we have a major disaster and the righties can only lie and play vicious and petty politics. When Reagan was shot the Dems worried along with the rest of the nation.When JFK was assassinated people on the right applauded. When Obama was elected they carried signs urging people to shoot him (as they have on FB.Shaw has a RFK quote at the top of her blog:"What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists is not that they are extreme but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents."

  5. >It was pretty much the same by the Democrats and Bush. Bush did nothing right according to the left.First, give all the advantages, and the state of the country, maybe he did do nothing right for about eight years. It takes a lot of screwing up to get all that benefit of the doubt from the press and yet leave office as the least popular (by people) and lowest rated (by historians) president in a century.Second, even if you're right, this doesn't exist in a vacuum. Unless one is dedicated to C-SPAN and watching unedited footage and delving deepin into boring PDFs on dot-gov websites, what people think comes from a Kabuki theater of interpreters.Said mainstream press couldn't give a toss when the few lefties out there, such as Rachel Maddow, say Obama did something well, forged leftward, struck new ground, and channeled FDR or JFK. So now the left isn't overwhelmed by this speech, and surprise, surprise, surprise, that's front page news.The false equivalency is astounding on their part, and so internalized that they don't even notice it any more.ThresherKPS A recent poll, which I'm trying to dig up, shows that Republicans' trust(or distrust) of government is directly trackable to the GOP (or a Dem) in the White House. Democrats, bless our technocratic hearts, actually pay attention to things like results, policy, and situations, and our opinions seem to vary therewith.