>A Picture Worth $20 Billion+


Posted by Irish-Canadian journalist Alex Kearns, who now lives in St. Mary’s Georgia, and reposted on Naked Capitalism blog

Killing crabs and the American dream:

A researcher captured this image. A discarded flag (or one that has fallen from one of the many vessels in the area) rests on the ocean floor amid the oil and the bodies of dead crabs.

A two-inch layer of submerged oil is coating portions of the Gulf seafloor off the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge: a week after a smothering layer of floating crude washed ashore there. This scenario is being played out all along the Gulf shoreline.

Says it all.


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4 responses to “>A Picture Worth $20 Billion+

  1. >Our beautiful Gulf. No matter who we blame, I feel shame every time I see a new image.

  2. >There is a smoking gun. The latest is the technician who spotted a problem with the controller for one of the blow-out preventers. His name was Tyrone. He notified his supervisor, who told higher-ups. The controller was simply turned off. To repair it, they would have had to cease operation of the well at a cost of $500k/day.

  3. >Profound picture from a tragic, tragic disaster.

  4. >I just hope that the infeedels don't want to build a mosque THERE!Hey, wait! That gives me an idea.That flag is being desecrated by the people who caused that oil spill. Let's bring our troops home from Iraq and send them after BP! 11tyone!!