>Summer Of Oil

>Lovely Destin, Florida, June 23, 2010, 3 p.m.:

I’m watching a toddler get this crap on the bottom of his/her feet and have to wonder at the people letting their kids play in this stuff. Do they not know that it’s toxic? Their great solution is to pack Goo-Gone with them? Are you people insane? Goo Gone is petroleum based, for crying out loud. Even the manufacturer says to avoid repeated and prolonged exposure to the skin.

Is Florida’s tourism business more important than people’s health? Why in God’s name has Destin not closed its beaches? This is incredibly irresponsible.


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5 responses to “>Summer Of Oil

  1. >This is why the conservatives have as many followers as they do. People simply don't take the danger seriously.

  2. >SB,I have to agree with you on this one. That's absolutely insane.And what is up with the anonymous comment? I could just as easily say that this person is liberal, communist, socialist, Republican (which is not conservative), etc, etc.There is no basis to think that all those people on the beach laying around on the oil are conservative. Would it be safe for me to say that the person commenting is a liberal and a bigot for making such baseless comments?

  3. >Patrick,I don't think Anonymous is saying the beach goers are conservative. I think he's doing what we call "making an analogy."

  4. >Think Pete Seeger:Little tar balls on the beacheslittle tarballs that are icky tacky;Little tar balls that are icky tacky and they all came from BP.They kill fishies, they kill seabirds and they're killing the Gulf's fishing industry.All those icky tacky little tar ballsand they all came from BP.

  5. >Denial is something ugly you can be standing ankle-deep in and not know it. Poor, beautiful Destin and its perfect sands…doomed, I think, except for clean-up efforts, for many years to come. I have wanted to make it back there for thirty-four years and now I could cry for thinking of it. Of course, they must close it. We all keep hoping we can blink and the obscenity of the oil will be undone.