>GOP Party Of Know-Nothing

>Jeeeesus but John Boehner is an idiot:

Perhaps most interesting was his attack on the Obama administration’s attempts to impose a moratorium on deep-sea drilling. “The deep-water drilling — maybe there’s a reason there to pause till we know what happened and we can make sure we can prevent it from happening again,” Boehner said. “But all of this other drilling that’s going on down there in the more shallow waters — there’s no reason to have a moratorium.”

Oh for crying out loud, what have I been saying for weeks now? One more time, for the Republican Minority fucking Leader who seems to have absolutely no fucking clue what he’s talking about:

The offshore drilling moratorium applies to just 33 oil rigs drilling exploratory wells in water deeper than 500 feet.

Got that? All of the whining and moaning about the final nail in the Louisiana economy (since the oil spill destroyed their fallback industries of tourism and fisheries) and yammering on right wing radio and threats that the entire Gulf oil industry would pick up sticks and move to the North Sea because oil workers and supporting industries simply can’t wait six months … all of that is over 33 exploratory wells.

Think about that. Even the House fucking Minority Leader doesn’t know it because everyone has been acting as if the entire offshore oil drilling industry has been mothballed for the duration. And that’s because no one in our glorious media has bothered to mention that, or at least not mention it often enough and loud enough.

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  1. >It's funny that you single out John Boehner for stupidity this week. I was just thinking last week what a complete ass John Barton must be to be taken to task by an Obama-baiting partisan like Boehner.