>Comments Still FUBAR’d

>The comment counter reads 0 but there are comments if you click the link. Apparently Blogger has been having commenting issues for several months now. Sorry.


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9 responses to “>Comments Still FUBAR’d

  1. >The problem has moved to the Zone.

  2. >Yep I noticed that ….

  3. >I have the comments counter reading correctly, but two of them are missing when clicked on. I sort of reposted your comment to me from yesterday… Thank you for posting this; I was kind of wondering what my problem was and now I at least know it is a blogger problem.

  4. >Thomas –So your comments disappeared? We had that problem last week as well. People would write a comment and then it would disappear when they hit "send."I haven't rejected any comments lately except Chinese spam, so unless you're writing in Chinese …

  5. >The verification thingy isn't working right either. I had to make a comment, enter my identity & press publish before it would show me a captcha.

  6. >Yeesh.Well I'll get rid of the verification thingy since I'm moderating comments anyway. If the SPAM picks up again I'll put it back.

  7. >My comments are not showing up now, and the counter has been off as well over the past few weeks.

  8. >SB;I meant that a comment that you left for me on my blog went away and my reply to you, but I reposted your comment (I forgot to link back to you, sorry). The counter still shows two more comments than actually show up on that post, so I logged on from another browser and still could not see the two missing ones. I am told that google is undoubtedly working their forbidden magic and things will be corrected soon… I am waiting.

  9. >OH right…This is all Haloscan's fault. If they hadn't switched to crappy Echo I wouldn't have had to switch to Blogger's commenting system.