>You go, girl! Sue da bastards.


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  1. >I'm pretty sure that the editing would have to be more than deceptively cutting the ends off to be actionable–otherwise Michael Moore would be broke by now. The bastards that need to be sued are the ones that took Brietbart's word at face value and fired her without the most basic investigation.

  2. >Absolutely! Hot damn!

  3. >Sherrod has a legitimate claim. She lost her job because of a fraudulent attack by someone with demonstrated malice towards her. This should be fun. Discovery alone will be fascinating.

  4. >It looks like Brightfart has already been named in a complaintin the downtown federal courthouse by Juan Carlos Vera, former ACORN employee in National City, CA.Sevesteen,Your off-the-cuff legal opinion couldn't hold molasses. But I do agree with you that what Michael Moore did to Charlton Heston showed extremely poor taste and a lack of any sense of fair play.

  5. >Well,All righty then!Wonder if this action might serve to inhibit those cowards with cameras if they knew they would be sued for damages?They ain't that smart (or educated), you know.Food for thought, my friends.Ha!S

  6. >Michael Moore is a propagandist, and a pretty good one. The difference between him and the scum that passes for journalists on the reichwing is that he does do some creative editing–he doesn't just make shit up.

  7. Jim

    >So that tape Brietbart edited was actually completely made up? She never said the words he showed from the tape?