>We Are Better Than This

>Seriously, liberals? Burn a Confederate Flag Day? Please tell me this is a joke. Please tell me this is satire (and if it is, it’s very bad satire).

In case it’s not, though, I think I’m going to sit this one out. Not because I have any love for the Confederate flag but because this kind of protest is a) inflammatory (no pun intended); and b) counterproductive.

Here’s a better way to annoy conservatives on Sept. 12:

• Register other liberals to vote. You know where to find them.
• Canvass for your favorite liberal candidate or cause.
• Host a house party, a letter-writing party, a fundraiser or a discussion group to support your favorite candidate or cause.
• Gather some friends, make anti-war signs, and stand on a prominent street corner.
• Organize a community teach-in about an issue you care about: healthcare, climate change, etc.
• Plant a peace garden or community vegetable garden.
• Organize friends, coworkers, or a church or community group for a service project: pick up trash in a park, hand out sandwiches and bottled water to the homeless, help your neighbors winterize their homes. Winter is just around the corner.

I’m sure you can think of plenty of others. Look, folks. I know you’re angry but that’s no reason to stoop to the Tea Baggers’ level here. The one thing that characterizes the Teanuts is that they stand for nothing save anger. They have no ideas, no policy, no platform save anger.

We’re better than that. While they rally with their misspelled signs and vent their hate, we can turn our anger into action.

You know how to annoy a conservative? Make sure they lose the next election.


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11 responses to “>We Are Better Than This

  1. >I think it's pure old-fashioned sabotage, aka agitation. The whole thing reeks. Why is that idiot jesus general listed as a contact? His own blog is condemning this supposed movement. Why are they selling confederate flags and goodies on the sidebar?Smell test.They used to do this shit with fake hippies at rallies back in the day.

  2. >No I think Jesus' General is organizing it. He blogs in character, Stephen Colbert-style. When his blog "condemns" something it often means the opposite.

  3. >I don't know if the General is behind it or not. He's generally pretty upfront about such things and this, while it links to his site, appears to be a floating ad.In any event, to each their own. True, helping new voters to register and doing other positive things is all well and good. Otoh, burning the flag is a not a violent form of protest and, absent breaking local ordinances for public burning, is not an unlawful act. That it will force racist, seditionist shitheads to blow their stacks is sort of a bonus. In any event, burning the flag need not be the focal point of the day. My routine might go like this on Sept. 12:Get up at 4:00 AM, realize I don't own any cows and go back to bed.Get up at 7-10:30 AM, have some brekkies, drink some coffee, check my e-mails, burn the Confederate flag, have lunch if it's late enough and then do those positive things for the rest of the day.BTW, I hope you're not suggesting that people not do this because you're worried about the Teabaggist backlash. I am fairly certain that fairplay, courtesy, honesty and integrity are viewed by such folks as weakness. You can haz my lighter when you can pull it from my cold, dead fingeez!

  4. >Get up at 4:00 AM, realize I don't own any cows and go back to bed.LOL. Do most of your days start like this?:-)

  5. >I hope you're not suggesting that people not do this because you're worried about the Teabaggist backlash.No I think I pretty clearly stated why I think this is a bad idea. It's undproductive and inflammatory. It accomplishes nothing useful. I don't see why pissing off Tea Baggers and other righties is part of the liberal agenda. I'd like to see liberals worry about creating jobs, protecting the environment, ending the wars, fighting corporate hegemony, etc. etc. etc. Leg the Tea Baggers rally with their hate signs, hanging Congressmen in effigy, threatening to show up armed "next time," etc. It's grandstanding and spleen-venting.Let the GOP be the party of anger. Let a progressive Democratic Party be the party of fixing the nation's problems. Yes, I realize we need that progressive Democratic Party. But I'd rather work on creating something positive than creating something negative.

  6. >I have no love for the Confederate flag. But this stunt has to be the stupidest idea to come out of the Left side of the internet evah.The JG people were the ones that harassed Brittney way way way too much, and I have no use for bullies of any stripe.

  7. >Oh yeah the burn a Koran day … stupid fundie crap.This one would have been better of staying a joke.

  8. >We're starting to sound a little desperate with this one. I sometimes feel desperate; when I do, I try to shut up for a day or two. Never let 'em see you sweat.I like your positive suggestions much better, SoBeale.

  9. >I honestly don't see what the problem is. Your whole list of alternative suggestions is, well, boring as hell and not likely to interest anyone outside of the same small circle of activists who have always been doing that stuff. Not to mention the fact that as one of those aforementioned activists, I've been doing every single bit of it for years now. Sorry SoBeale, but this is a protest that everyone can understand and appreciate, activist or not.Do you have an actual reason for not liking this idea, aside from some vague objection that it's "counterproductive?" I think it's pure genius."The one thing that characterizes the Teanuts is that they stand for nothing save anger. They have no ideas, no policy, no platform save anger."Um, that is precisely the point. This isn't about our anger. I'm more amused than angry, to be frank. I used up all my anger on Bush; I haven't really got any left. This is about pissing them off and having fun while doing it.

  10. >I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks this is stupid. Don't see the point of out-teabagging the tbaggers just to piss them off either. How does that make us better than them?