>Zach Wamp Gets Colbert’d

>And Basil Marceaux rides the late night comedy circuit to greater glory. Dang I wish I could stay up this late:

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6 responses to “>Zach Wamp Gets Colbert’d

  1. >Some of us have expressed the thought that Basil is mentally impaired – for real. One of the indicators is his speech, which isn't put on but definitely typical of a mentally challenged individual. Certainly he may be acting on his own but I sometimes wonder if he's the victim of a cruel hoax. I'm surprised some hot shot media type hasn't hit Soddy-Daisy and tried to dig up something. His address and phone number are on his website.

  2. >Basil says his speech is like it is because he only has three teeth.It is getting to the point where the pile-on is bordering on cruel. You know how we are in the South: we love the town nut, it's affectionate. But we don't like high-falutin' folks in New Yawk makin' fun of our folks. So maybe there's some of that in there.

  3. >I must have missed that about the teeth. But I agree with you about the desire to protect our own – even when they're born in PA. šŸ™‚

  4. >Basil said that on Jimmy Kimmel, I think.

  5. >I'm so glad to hear toe correct pronunciation of Wamp from Stephen. šŸ™‚ Being a cynic, I feel voting for Basil as a Republican could, in the long run, be good for Tennessee because Ned Ray's son might beat him in the general election, but, at the same time, voting for Basil would be too cruel even for me.I'm afraid this year I'm trading off four years of having an oil baron for Governor and four years of an idiot for a Governor. Well, a more obvious idiot.

  6. >One of the indicators is his speech, which isn't put on but definitely typical of a mentally challenged individual.I don't know, but I get 1) nervous, from sideways weighting from foot to foot and 2) under-rehearsed–try a take two once in awhile.ThresherK