The Liberal Media’s Guide To Covering A Tea Party

1- Shamelessly promote the event for days in advance, including repeating event organizer’s wildly inflated claims about expected attendance and completely unsubstantiated claims that any unsavory elements at previous rallies is the doing of dastardly “Democrat” activists.

2- Use the event to again ponder “who is the Tea Party?” while observing that despite organizers’ claim for racial diversity, those in attendance are “overwhelmingly white.” (Extra points for ignoring irony of main speaker’s claim that nation has “walked in darkness for too long.”)

3- Cover every possible aspect of the rally, including the media’s coverage of the rally.

4- Finally report actual attendance, without noting it is far less than organizers’ claims.

5- Continue to discuss, ad nauseum, the rally’s impact on upcoming elections, including lame online survey.

6- Rinse. Repeat.

Look, I don’t want to get into the particulars of Whitestock or the ridiculous carnival it represents or how offensive it is that a bunch of white people would gather to reclaim some civil rights they never lost. What I want people to remember is that hundreds of thousands of people marched against the Iraq War in 2003–part of a global action I might add–and it got barely a passing mention by the mainstream press. There were no days of coverage leading up to the event, all-day coverage during the event, interviews of people at the event, followed days of analysis post-event. Not even a lame online survey asking your opinion of the event. There was nothing.

For this I will never, ever forgive the national news media nor will I ever again trust it. My message to the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, CNN and the rest is this: At a time when the nation needed you people to do your job, when it really mattered, when peoples’ lives were at stake, you guys bailed on us. And now, in some kind of pathetic attempt to appear “not liberal” you cover every fart and burp issuing forth from conservative partisans, when it’s completely irrelevant to the grand scheme of things. We are not talking life and death here. We are not sending hundreds of thousands of our kids into battle. We’re talking some whiny-assed titty babies pissed they lost an election to a black man.

Shame on you.


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  1. >For this I will never, ever forgive the national news media nor will I ever again trust it. My message to the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, CNN and the rest is this: At a time when the nation needed you people to do your job, when it really mattered, when peoples’ lives were at stake, you guys bailed on us.Worse still, the people who were dead wrong kept their jobs and were rewarded.Even Judith Miller has managed to keep getting paid, thanks to Rupert Murdoch.~

  2. >But Howard Dean went "yeeearghh" and therefore is Not Serious.Also, all the Dirty Fucking Hippies had puppets at their rally. And you know, that's just silly.

  3. >Amen Sister! (Sorry for coping the religious language, guess it's inevitable.)RJ

  4. >Great post, especially the final words. I think that's what's at the heart of much of this.

  5. >well, welcome to the Club, SoBe. i haven't trusted the media since the old blow job emergency days. we weren't at war, but there was still so much going on in the world, and even NPR and TNR were giving page after page to such essential topics as what color blue was the blue dress and if clinton and hitler would be sharing a room in hell, etc. i unplugged and never looked back, and it's just dumb luck blogs and the internet came along right at that time to fill the void. it's so much worse today. the SCLM is almost pure propaganda now. mean, stupid, fear based propaganda. i pity folks who can't understand that and still falsely put their trust in any of it. even the "good" channels, writers, etc. the way to look at Whitestock is simple: a total failure. it's amazing, after doing all you mention, and spending hundreds of millions in targeted and coordinated media outreach, this is the biggest crowd they can muster. can you imagine what a few lefties could organize with that kind of money? the media and corporate classes are working overtime to convince the country that it's "moving to the right." in fact, Whitestock is proof that the only group of americans they can manipulate into action are a bunch of people who were already angry in the first place. as a party princess, i can say with contempt that this was one pathetic gathering. hitler impersonation FAIL.

  6. >Its only entertainment for them asses… ah, I mean the MASSES.

  7. >And, you just know if the Democrats had staged a rally about "restoring America's honor" the Tea Partiers would have come unglued at the very notion of America's honor needing restoring.

  8. >Beck-a-po-loosa drew 87,000. Average attendance at a Seattle Seahawks game: 67,000.Glenn Beck beat the Seahawks! But then … who hasn't?

  9. Jim

    >I have a hard time believing the 87,000 figure. I have not heard of any other estimates that are nearly that low. Comparing pictures of this rally to others suggests that the crowd was much larger than that reported by CBS. I went to the website for this airphotoslive group that CBS said made the estimate and they do not even advertise crowd estimation in their services available.

  10. >Thanks for that Jim; it was a little more difficult to call you a dittohead before that. Glenn Beck is a loon and a grifter. That you or anyone else is taken in by him and his fellow travellers on the reichwing is much more revealing of your character than theirs. We (those of us who think) already knew Beck was full of shit, BEFORE, he became a new darling of the MerKKKaLoveitorleaveit crowd.

  11. >When I first saw a mwntion of Whitestock on the Twitters, I wondered, for a few brief seconds, WTF?, but the realization and its inherent brilliant cynicism hit me immediately. You trusted the media? Ah, Beale, the innocence and gullibility of the young …. 🙂

  12. >You know who drew a massive, record-breaking crowd to the National Mall? Barack Obama.Ouch.

  13. >Moranity on parade.Disclaimer: This was posted at C&L but the dress and the bare trees mark it as not from yesterday. (Yep. Left-winger's compulsive need for accuracy showing again.)However, the sentiment shows no sign of ending.

  14. >Yeah I saw that … I think they need to take their own advice. Now they've taken to arguing with interpreters at Colonial Williamsburg. Hilarious. What next, debating theology at Shakertown?

  15. >Yeah I know Octo but where will we go now for the latest in straw man arguments and Heritage Foundation papers?:-)