Take THAT Laurie Cardoza-Moore

Saw this while running around doing errands today:

See! We’re not all assholes!

All Tennesseans are not Islamophobes and all Christians are not right wing bigots!

My life is about to get very busy so blogging may be sporadic in the next few weeks (though you know what happens as soon as I say that …)

Have a good weekend, folks.


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8 responses to “Take THAT Laurie Cardoza-Moore

  1. >Rather sad that it takes one isolated image to prove your larger point.

  2. >Thanks for the reminder.

  3. >Sad? I don't think so. There are tons of images that support my larger point, I just happened across this one while driving around town doing errands.Here's another image

  4. >The Unitarian Universalist meeting that I attend in San Diego, when I'm there, could entirely claim a sign like that as their own. Glad you found it; I can tell my son and daughter-in-law about it.

  5. >You pays your money, you takes your choice.

  6. >As an agnostic leftie, what I see is a "them" problem, and that "them" is the mainstream press.Given the anniversary of the MLK speech, is there anyone in the MSM who will talk about the long history of left-wing evangelicals as continuing today, rather than the "Oh, wow, there's a dog walking on its hind legs" manner? Is it a cutesy story added on just before Jeopardy! or is it part of the narrative?To illustrate my point, imagine Bill Moyers talking about this, then wonder what anybody else at The Evening News would sound like.The phrase "non-bigoted Christians" also springs to mind. The fury of right-wing bigotry, tied in with many of their attendant "Christianist" leaders, seems to have fascinated the MSM to no end. What do the faith-hope-charity kinds of Christians have to do to get on TV?

  7. >Thanks for the photo – you made my Labor day weekend.