>Permanent War Economy Redux

>[UPDATE]: Wow sure glad we’re sending them $60 billion in weapons!


Just heard NBC’s financial spokes bubblebot extoll the economic bonanza which this deal represents:

The Obama administration is set to notify Congress of plans to offer advanced aircraft to Saudi Arabia worth up to $60 billion, the largest U.S. arms deal ever, and is in talks with the kingdom about potential naval and missile-defense upgrades that could be worth tens of billions of dollars more.

The administration plans to tout the $60 billion package as a major job creator—supporting at least 75,000 jobs, according to company estimates—and sees the sale of advanced fighter jets and military helicopters to key Middle Eastern ally Riyadh as part of a broader policy aimed at shoring up Arab allies against Iran.

Huzzah. Well, it’s good to know America still manufactures something!

Who wants to guess how this will end? Like this? America is a twilight empire. All we know how to do is build bombers for oppressive Middle Eastern regimes. Our only export is war. I know the corporate news media wants us to clap louder at the “75,000 jobs created” (really? Really? Did you check the numbers on that or are you just repeating the press release?) and my Democratic president is going to extoll the economic win this represents for people who are out of work. But I’m calling bullshit.

Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

For shame, America. For shame. These things never end well, people. One of these days we will learn our lesson. You don’t build an economy on war. You don’t arm a dictatorship in an unstable region of the world. You don’t plant these seeds and expect to reap anything other than a bitter harvest down the road.

I wish America still made things that benefitted the human race, instead of destroyed it. Sadly, when you are an empire in twilight, the simplest most logical things are beyond anyone’s capabilities.


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10 responses to “>Permanent War Economy Redux

  1. >It works for the tycoon class. That's all that matters. The bubble of the last decade showed that they don't have any desire for long term stability. Instead it's always more for the top 2% and less for everyone else, right now.~

  2. >Typical Obama split-the-baby batshit insane bullshit. George Bush's more articulate and darker brother walks in the same shoes.

  3. >You don’t build an economy on war.Defense contracting is peanuts compared to the overall size of the economy. Besides, if we don't sell it, the countries buying will just go to other sellers (like the Russians, or the Chinese, or the French/British/Sweden/whatever). We might as well get the best out of that trade while we have the hardware to sell.You don’t arm a dictatorship in an unstable region of the world. Lots of countries do that. Ask the Chinese about North Korea and Burma, the French about their former colonies in Africa, or the Russians about central Asia. Besides, I'll take a dictatorship over a total crap-fest of instability and conflict (think the Congo in the late 1990s/early 2000s).

  4. >We wouldn't give a shit about Saudi Arabia if we weren't dependent on their oil (just like we didn't give a shit about the Congo) …That's what it's all about. Let's make sure those Persian Gulf shipping lanes stay open! I'd like to see 75,000 jobs created getting us off the oil tit. Wonder if that will ever happen?

  5. >We wouldn't give a shit about Saudi Arabia if we weren't dependent on their oil (just like we didn't give a shit about the Congo) …We would still give a shit about Saudi Arabia even if our oil dependency on them was negligible, because other countries might still be highly dependent on their oil. If some supply problem occurs that devastates their economies, we get caught in the wave as well due to the interconnected economy. Granted, we wouldn't give as much of a shit, but we would still be selling them weapons. As for the Congo, there just wasn't a lot that the US could do. It's a huge country with extremely poor infrastructure, and the whole situation was basically a regional war anyways with all the neighboring countries sucked in.

  6. >…because other countries might still be highly dependent on their oil…Since when do we care about other countries? Not buying it. It would be nice if we could be the Saudi Arabia of green technology, too. Again, not gonna happen. That's going to be China, thank you very much.

  7. >Since when do we care about other countries? Not buying it. We do when those countries happen to be our allies (like Japan, which is heavily dependent on Middle East oil), and when any economic damage from a supply cut-off in their economies might spread to our own.

  8. >It's not that easy, WB. What will our great ally Israel say to our plan to sell Saudi Arabia all of these bombers? Of course this deal is all about Iran. We're making a power play in the Middle East, trying to isolate Iran. As I mentioned, this worked so well last time! Remember Rummy and his BFF Saddam Hussein? Remind me what happened to him? Oh yeah regime change.Gosh and right after 9/11 we wondered why they hated us so much! I

  9. >SB: After selling these planes and weapons to Saudi Arabia, we will proceed to give a commensurate deal to Israel in the service of keeping the sides equal. (Except that we'll give the weapons to Israel as foreign aid and not sell them.)PurpleGirl

  10. >Is there not tremendous irony in the rabid right wing Islamophobia on display in America these days while at the same time our government is arming the Islamic world's super power? Is it not odd that Pam Atlas, Fox News, Newt Gingrich and the rest have remained quiet? I guess as long as the MIC prospers, they aren't concerned.I find it interesting.