>Making A Statement

>Damn, y’all. I don’t watch The Simpsons but I read about Banksy doing their opening sequence and … well … damn. Watch it for yourselves:

Kind of the perfect illustration of what I was saying when I wrote this about how to change the world:

If voting doesn’t work, and boycotts don’t work, what will? Increasingly I’m convinced that the only thing that will change the world, indeed the only thing that ever has, is the creative arts. Music, literature, art, film: these things hit people on an emotional level, they can transform one’s view of the world and engage people in a way that politics does not.

I’m increasingly convinced that this is correct.

More on the segment here.


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  1. >I thought the Simpsons was the key to the whole solution when it first came out in 1990. It quickly degraded into the over-the-top self-parody of Homer. Yet, somehow at the time it spoke to me personally. It's been fairly consistent in its quality over the years, although we have all had ample time to tire of it.I'm sure a lot of you remember Matt Groening's comix back in the 1980s and subsequently.

  2. >As I scroll down my feed reader this morning, the post immediately following this one:http://io9.com/5662383/richard-kadrey-trash-culture-is-more-subversive-than-art-could-ever-be

  3. >Very cool, Cricket. I think that's kinda what Banksy is all about. I remember when he snuck into Disneyland and put dummies that looked like Gitmo detainees by a roller coaster. Quite a statement, that.

  4. >The arts are subversive, which is why the right fear them. We can give examples of songs that were protested by the NRA (Cheryl Wheeler's "If it were up to me"). And the apoplexy of the right when gay art is exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery.Funny, how this post ties up two of my recent posts on the Arts and Change.I may even blog on Cricket's link as well.

  5. >Laci, please post a link to your blog here, I'd like to read what you have to say.The arts are subversive and that is why the right tends to do it very poorly. Not much rebellious or subversive about right wing ideology, which supports the status quo.

  6. >i totally agree with ya about the power of art, SB.however … i ponder on what banksy was expressing there. i see lots of 'third world' supplying work/creating product and the grim way it takes lives. but that shot of a unicorn makes me ponder even more … is it all myth and mythmaking which makes our world what it is?don't get me wrong, i love how banksy makes me think. that's a real gift.

  7. >I saw that clip last night. My wife thought it was funny but I just thought it was depressing.

  8. >but that shot of a unicorn makes me ponder even more .No I don't think myth and myth-making comes into play. Note they use the tongue from a severed dolphin head to seal the boxes … it's the same thing. The unicorn representing that which is magical and wonderful and he's saying we are destroying it.David Sedaris' new book of animal stories has a similar story featuring a unicorn, actually.

  9. >I can't remember the book or author but there was a fantasy story I read once (no, not the Wholly Babble) that had a scene where a group of unicorns were prancing around another animal–and then killed it and ate it! I think it was the same tale where Fightin' Jesus came down from heaven with a Thompson gun and wasted a bunch of bad guys.