New York Times Fail

The New York Times regrets the errors:

Correction: October 17, 2010

An article last Sunday about Pamela Geller, a blogger who attacks Islam, misidentified the location of a beach from which she video-blogged about her visit to Israel during the Israel-Hezbollah war in 2006. She was in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., at the time of her reports, not at a beach in Israel. The article also overstated the number of monthly unique visitors to Ms. Geller’s Web site, Atlas Shrugs. The site attracts 194,000 such visitors, according to Quantcast statistics — not one million. (The Nielsen Company estimated 184,000 in September.) And because of an editing error, the article misspelled the surname of the lead singer of the Who whom Ms. Geller was likened to for being the “front man” in the attack on Islam. He is Roger Daltrey, not Daltry.


(Via Sadly No.)


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6 responses to “New York Times Fail

  1. >That's Jeebus, not Jesus.I do like "who whom," though.Cheers!JzB

  2. >They missed the part about her being teh KKKrazzeee and a pathalogical liar?

  3. >LOL!!! OK, on that thing about newsrooms! 😉 Wow.

  4. >I remember when only Sadly, Non! and Roy paid attention to Pammalammadingdong.What a world!~

  5. >So, exactly what in the article was correct, anything?

  6. >The biggest fail was giving her an interview whatsoever. If we can't trust the NYT to leave this kind of toxic waste alone, times be illin' indeed. I can't believe they portrayed her as sort of a trendy-groovy, self-actualized single mother-of-four blog-nazi with her oh-so-hip apartment and how she skyrocketed to prominence. She's a stupid, fucking monster.Since when is okay to spread religious hate? Since Hitler became the chancellor of Germany? Is this the only lasting legacy of September 11, 2001?