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This one hurt. I laughed at this one… but it was through tears:


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  1. >When I was a sophomore in high school, I used to always be out in the garden by 5:45 in the morning. I knew Dad would be up by 6:00. We always shared the paper. He drank instant coffee. On weekdays, the paper only had 4 or 5 sections, but it was never thin. Even the classifieds were fun. Coins and Stamps. The Thrifties. Cars included Antiques and Collectibles. Occasionally he would get the Los Angeles paper. Sundays were a family affair with two kids laying the various sections out on the carpeting. Dad in his armchair. Mom was always the last one to get to take a peek at the paper.This doesn't have to be only a memory, like old books with tiny typefaces and swirly paint on the edges of the pages. We can make sure that in the future, libraries will still have the major daily newspapers draped over wooden rods for our morning perusal. It's called kill your TV. Reset your priorities. Never say die and never give in to the blue meanies.

  2. >Libraries?In the future?You think we'll have libraries?What idealistic DFH utopia are YOU living in?:-)

  3. >I have a few of these poor souls as neighbours. Actually, the frightening bit is that there is a free sheet called Metro that is giving the pay papers a run for their money. The company's papers are summaries of the news handed out near public transportation stations and in the city centres.All the more reason to support the press.

  4. >Imagine all the out-of-work writers from newspapers combined with all the self-starting internet writers, every one of whom wants to earn. In the next few years that's gonna be some glut.

  5. >Okay, "not everyone can wait for the for profit model" made me LOL.