We’re All Scott DesJarlais Now


Just as planned! Huzzah!

Sinclair Posts 16% Revenue Gain

Political higher than expected, national ad revenue up 30%

Sinclair Broadcast Group reported net broadcast revenues in the third quarter of $158.8 million, a 16.4% increase over the same quarter a year ago. Political revenue was nearly $10 million. Local broadcast revenues were up almost 12%, and national ad revenues up 30%.

“Political advertising came in higher than expected and that trend has continued in the fourth quarter where we expect $26.8 million in political revenues,” commented Sinclair President/CEO David Smith. “For the year, political revenues are expected to be approximately $41.9 million, a record amount for us. This would represent a 34.7% increase over 2006’s $31.1 million in political revenues and a 1.9% increase over the 2008 presidential year’s $41.1 million.”

This is where your campaign donations go, peeps.


“Blue Dog Coalition Crushed”:

According to an analysis by The Huffington Post, 22 of the 46 Blue Dogs up for re-election went down on Tuesday. Notable losses included Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin (D-S.D.), the coalition’s co-chair for administration, and Rep. Baron Hill (D-Ind.), the co-chair for policy. Two members were running for higher office (both lost), four were retiring and three races were still too close to call.


Loudly breaking with Obama on health care was not a winner, either. “Of the 34 Democrats who voted against the health care bill in March – 24 of them were Blue Dogs – only 12 won reelection,” notes reporter Jon Ward.

Yes clearly Democrats were too liberal. Not.

…. and yes, I do mean that in the “sitting with a gun in our mouths crying like babies” sense.

Before crawling back into my NaNoWriMo hole I did want to reflect on the midterms. Republicans swept into the House of Representatives with some historic wins. Yes, the “tsunami” predictions were correct.

Here in Tennessee I was frankly surprised that Lincoln Davis got spanked so badly — DesJarlais won handily, with 57% of the vote. I have to think the DCCC’s stupid decision to go negative bringing up DesJarlais’ domestic violence allegations hurt. Don’t you folks know yet that Republicans are rubber, Democrats are glue? For crying out loud, they re-elected David Fucking Vitter. If a Democrat got nabbed in a similar prostitution sting, their career would be over. For Republicans, it’s re-election all the way, bay-beee.

Then again, Digby makes a good point on the “conventional wisdom” surrounding Alan Grayson’s loss, which can easily be applied to Tennessee’s races:

Regarding Grayson,well we have a little controlled experiment. His neighboring first term Democratic congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas, in a very similar district, took the opposite approach to Grayson. She ran as hard to the right as she could get away with, never had a controversial thought much less uttered one, was rewarded with big money and support from the DCCC — and she lost too. This race was bigger than both of them. Florida is turning hard right.

Lincoln Davis certainly was no progressive — his chief of staff once famously said he “wasn’t sure” if President Obama has terrorist connections. This election was too big for Tennessee’s Blue Dogs, too.

Digby goes on:

As far as the notorious Aqua Buddha goes, Conway was strong armed by the DSCC into running that ad because — as usual — they believed that all politicians have to run to the right no matter what the circumstances and they thought Paul was soft with social conservatives. If the ad backfired, you can thank the “professional” hacks not the dirty hippies, for insisting that it was a good idea for Conway to pretend to be something that he isn’t. It never works.

Yup. And that holds true in the Lincoln Davis race, too.

In the Tennessee state races, I’m thrilled to see “Democrat” Doug Jackson sent his walking papers. This DINO was the legislator behind Tennessee’s guns in bars bill and a big supporter of SJR 127, our statewide anti-abortion measure that will now surely appear on the 2012 ballot. I’m sure Jackson lost because he wasn’t conservative enough. /snark.

On the Senate side, Tea Party candidates were a big fail. Rand Paul was the lone exception; Sharron Angle lost. Christine O’Donnell was a spectacular flameout. Alaska’s Joe Miller was a fail. Seems to me if it weren’t for the Tea Party, the Republicans would have taken back the Senate, too. (I was actually hoping Harry Reid would lose, because he is a terrible Senate majority leader. But, alas, it was not to be.)

I’m sure the take-away will be Democrats “over-reached,” moved “too far to the left,” and all sorts of other nonsense [That didn’t take long. Hey Evan Bayh: shut the fuck up]. When in fact the take-away should be, “the economy still sucks,” and “the same people who never vote in midterm elections didn’t vote this year either.”

Simply put, the Republican base was motivated. The Democratic base was not. That’s really all you need to know. Whenever Democrats run to the right they lose. When given a choice between a real Republican and a fake one, voters will pick the real one. Democrats need to show they are the alternative, not a paler version of what the other guys are offering. That should be the lesson here, but it won’t be.

The bright spot is California, which is returning to sanity. While pot legalization failed, the lesser-known Proposition 25 passed, which to me is a much bigger deal. In essence, California voted against gridlock. Similarly, the spectacular failures of Proposition 23, Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman is a staunch rebuke to CEO politics.

So it’s back to business as usual, near as I can tell. We’re hearing all the usual BS from Republicans, about how the American people are “worried about spending,” when during the Bush years they spent like drunken sailors and no one gave a crap. It’s IOKIYAR all over again. Let’s prepare ourselves for the usual Republican rent-boy scandals and bogus investigations into ACORN, the New Black Panthers, birth certificates, George Soros and anything else they can dream up. We’ll have epic gridlock because the Republicans have no interest in governing, just in obtaining power. We’ll probably have more war with Iran talk — David Broder’s trial balloon to that effect should have sobered up our media; instead they ignored it. Only a few dirty bloggers bothered to notice.

But it’s just two years. In 2012 the same people who showed up to vote for Obama in 2008 will show up to vote for him again. The Democrats have two years to get their shit together. Can they do it? I’m not so sure. I stand by my list of objections to the rigged game which prioritizes corporate greed over the popular voice. I plan to send this list in response to every DSCC and DCCC fundraising request I get. American plutocracy continues; big business was the big winner last night. Our system is still broken, and will remain so, because the Democrats squandered their chance to fix it.

But we’ve been through this before. We’ll get through it again.


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24 responses to “We’re All Scott DesJarlais Now

  1. >I’m sure the take-away will be Democrats “over-reached,” moved “too far to the left,”I'm calling shenanigans on you. The above quote is evidence that you wrote at least half your post sometime in 2009 or before Labor Day this year.

  2. >…you wrote at least half your post sometime in 2009 or before Labor Day this year.Snort!I accidentally deleted a comment from my Anonymous troll. Sorry, it said something to the effect of "for all your effort get use [sic] to the color red."Moronic. I live in Tennessee. We're redneck central. I actually find this election to be good news. Blue dogs got spanked, big time. Running to the right continued to be a big fail. You know, kinda what we dirty fucking hippies have been saying forever. Whether anyone is listening, well, who knows. That's out of my control.

  3. >I wasn't surprised that the DesJarlais divorce gossip failed to win it for Davis. That kind of trash from the past has less effect than it used to. As one person put it on the news last night, there are too many people who know of divorces with lots of charges and counter-charges in them that such scandal is treated with a grain of salt level of credence. When your only ads are "that guy is a whacko" and nothing about what you are, it's a fail. Considering that nobody seemed to articulate what they were on the Democrat's side, a 50 loss is probably milder than should be expected.All we the people can do is hope that the lack of a veto-proof majority will limit the damage to the economy that the tea-party no taxes/cut spending point of view could have. We barely missed a second great depression. If they screw things up big time, it's still a possibility.

  4. >Wait, so your saying you think the Dems need to move further left?Hello! That's why they took this beating in the 1st place. For being leftists.

  5. >Hello! That's why they took this beating in the 1st place. For being leftists.Yeah except that they WEREN'T. Just cuz Rush and Beck said they were doesn't make it true. We cleaned house of a bunch of nasty Blue Dogs, so that part is actually the good news.

  6. Tom

    >"That's why they took this beating in the 1st place. For being leftists."I call 'troll,' or ignoramus. You can't possibly look at the actions and inactions of Democrats in Congress these last two years and conclude they are anything but frightened children begging Big Biznit not to beat them.But you don't look – you just take Limbaugh's word for everything. Don't be surprised that your wallet will empty even faster, now.

  7. >Now that I am a DesJarlais you think I can slip into France a little easier?Jerry Brown, 2012.RJ

  8. TAO

    >The trouble with Democrats is that they just don't get it…In 2008 they got the gift of a financial meltdown and were swept into power and the first thing they do is seek out compromise and bipartisanship…HELL! They should have investigated and set up a guillotine in front of Congress and had heads roll!Which part of "Hope" and "Change" made the democrats believe that Americans wanted business as usual?So, now all the liberals are blaming the ignorance of the masses for their defeat….Once the masses wise up they will be back…Sure! If your so smart why did you get your ass kicked?I am going to start a third party…the redneck progressive party….

  9. >HELL! They should have investigated and set up a guillotine in front of Congress and had heads roll!Damn straight. I hope Obama enjoys the next two years of being subpoenaed for ridiculous B.S.He deserves it for letting the Rethugs get away with torture, politicizing the DOJ, and every other crime they've committed.~

  10. >I certainly couldn't care less about the shift in power. After staying up all night November 2nd 2004, hoping and praying that cocksucking son-of-a-bitch Bush would be defeated, nothing is likely to give me the blues. Obviously our nation hasn't changed very much since the Nixon landslide of 1972. Obama said it. We are a two-party nation. No one party can expect to lay out the plans for our future. Now those dumb, evil republicans are going to have to put up or shut up. Let's see all these amazing ideas for creating jobs. There's really nothing they can do to upset the boat. I doubt Obama will even have to threaten a veto. The senate will take care of any problematic legislation. They're the senior body anyway. The office of speaker isn't the most powerful in the world in the hands of some dumbshit redneck!I know a lot of you pinkos are disappointed with the leadership of Pelosi and Reid. But we've already done the heavy lifting. ARRA, HCR, saving the auto industry, bringing some sanity back to regulation of the environment and industry. With their agenda only one or two cuts above the FOX/Limbaugh official party line, they aren't gonna make it with anyone, anyhow. Go ahead and go for broke, impeach Obama you dumbass losers.

  11. >Except he WAS!Did Lincloln Davis vote for Pelosi as Speaker? Um…It was unanimous.You might be able to craft your votes so they read ok at home–that is certainly one of the leadership skills Niafeh had. But at the end of the day Linclon supported and caucused with the most loathsome Speaker in memory. Only around 20% of the country identifies itself as Progressive and she rammed through the most Progressive agenda ever–"we have to pass it to find out what's in it." Everybody else hates her. Hates. Her.If I want a conservative congressman thanks, I'll take the one that not only votes conservative on the bills, but isn't also part of the power structure of the Progressives. Pelosi left the Blue Dogs–all of whom voted for her–with their puppy dog tails hanging out in the wind, and now her chickens have come home to roost…so to speak.

  12. >I am going to start a third party…the redneck progressive party….November 3, 2010 6:24 PMGreat idea! I'm going to start the plutocrats who care about everyone else on the planet party™.~

  13. >I like Pelosi. A lot.Of course, Rush Limbaugh listeners have been fed a steady diet of bile about this powerful woman. Shocker.Right wing media demonized her and the sheep naturally bought it hook line and sinker like they always do.Waiting to see what happens when the conservative establishment turns on Palin. Will Rush's listeners notice their strings have been pulled? Will they just repeat what he tells them? "She was good but she changed" or whatever the excuse is?Here's a thought: Pelosi is still a member of Congress. She got re-elected. She's not going anywhere!

  14. >Tao:Unlike Republicans, Democrats have an actual interest in governing. The Republicans are just about getting and keeping power. Once in office they don't do shit but clear the way for their wealthy friends to get rich. Back the moving van up to the Treasury and start unloading the cash to their buddies.Democrats want to govern and that means they believe in bipartisan fairie, liberal media unicorns, the Honest Republican Broker and other myths. They would have been wise to put impeachment on the table in 2006, to begin investigations into the Iraq War invasion. A couple years' worth of headlines about Bush Administration lies and misdeeds leading to our budget-busting war of choice might have done a lot, and it's not like we didn't have gridlock the past two years anyway.Bottom line, my message to Democrats every time they called for money was this: don't call me on the phone and tell me you need a filibuster proof majority, then when you get to D.C. start talking about bipartisanship. You had your bipartisanship in 2006. It didn't work.

  15. >Right wing media demonized her and the sheep naturally bought it hook line and sinker like they always do.Ditto for the Left Wing Media and their demonization of Sarah Palin or (insert any other female Republican here) You and your ilk ate it up along with the rest of the bleating sheep.

  16. >Southern Beale:I find it amusing that your anonytrolls haven't assumed that they once again hold the "permanent majority" and can now wear their SS dress unis or Pure Alabama Cotton Bubba Bourqas in polite company.You're right about the "Bluedogs" of course, I hope they enjoy licking their own balls as much as they did licking the reichwing's–that is they still have them.I do not and did not like Pelosi, but compared to Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich or any other reptilican speaker of the house since, well, since before I was born, she's a genuine "breath of fresh air". Sarah 2012/HMILTDITNWWABK–ABHWCG*.*Hockey Mom I'd Like To Drop Off In The North Woods With A Buck Knife–After Basting Her With Caribou Gravy

  17. >Once in office they don't do shit but clear the way for their wealthy friends to get rich. Back the moving van up to the Treasury and start unloading the cash to their buddies.Sounds like an apt description of Congressional Democrats…

  18. >Yeah the "lamestream media' are a bunch of big fat meanies for asking such "gotcha" questions as what newspaper do you read.If Palin can't even answer simple questions like that without cribbing the answer on the palm of her hand then she deserves to be mocked, and so do the sheep who think she's the neatest thing since sliced bread.Yeah someone with a Harvard degree is STILL mocking you and your fellow Teanutties, Anonymous. Call for the whaambulance.

  19. >Demo:I am glad Palin dropped the hockey mom stuff. She was poisoning the sport for me.

  20. >"…When in fact the take-away should be, “the economy still sucks,” and “the same people who never vote in midterm elections didn’t vote this year either.” That's about all I made of it in the end, which is why I'm not as pessimistic as some. I agree with SoBe that our mistake was a rightward drift. Now there's this whole huge area a little further to the left waiting to be inhabited by the Democrats for 2012…and high time, too!

  21. >BTW I did not go to Harvard. My comment was in reference to this Julian Sanchez piece from last year and this incredibly astute observation:"The secret shame of the conservative base is that they’ve internalized the enemy’s secular cosmopolitan value set and status hierarchy—hence this obsession with the idea that somewhere, someone who went to Harvard might be snickering at them."

  22. TAO

    >It all is actually absurd…A Democratic President can get impeached for a BJ and a Republican can override the constitution, lie, torture and have a VP that claims that his office is not part of the executive branch and they don't even get a subpeona…McConnell has already announced that the Republicans won't do a thing for the next two years except work to make Obama a one term President and for the last two years he has been whining about the lack of bipartisanship on the part of Democrats.Obviously, McConnell believes that bipartisanship has something to do with bending over and grabbing your ankles.

  23. >TAO – Clinton was not impeached for getting a blowjob. Try again.

  24. >Hey Nonnie-Nonnie,You're right. He was impeached for coming all over Monica's dress, if memory serves. Exhibit A. Your asswipe lawyers were able to pursue this ridiculous line of questioning somehow in relation to the Paula Jones case. A case which bore some resemblence to the complaint of Anita Hill.He didn't lie about it either. If "having sex" is defined as intercourse, he was telling the truth. It is gross to think about. A very embarassing moment for our country. Some good did come out of it, however. I think Linda Tripp was able to pay for a face job.If you baboons wish to impeach Obama, you'll have to set up a camera in the White House master bedroom.