Umm … CNN?


Via Doug at Balloon Juice:

I would not be shocked if Palin eventually makes up some crazy story about an attempted attack on her, maybe along the lines of the Ross Perot story about how the Viet Cong tried to put a hit on him.

And her appearance on Hannity on Monday will be the perfect opportunity for her to tell us how oppressed and beleaguered she is by the big, mean liberals.


Predictably, CNN Correspondent Erick Erickson hated on the President’s speech in today’s column. No big shocker there. But he really wallowed in the mud on this one:

Out there somewhere is someone who would love to kill Governor Palin. God forbid they do it. But you and I both know there is some crazy MSNBC watcher and Media Matters reader who even now is dreaming of doing so.

And should they try, we can be equally sure of something else. The left will be divided into two camps: (1) bitch deserved it and (2) not my fault.

It is unfortunate. I hope it never happens. But you and I both know the reality in which we live.

Wow. Way to go, buddy. You really topped yourself this time. Way to take the whole “civil discourse” stuff to heart. As if Sarah Palin were even important enough to bother with. Well, maybe in her own mind, but really. Can you imagine? Most of us ignore her, except when the mainstream media insists on shoving her latest ghost-written Tweet or Facebook post in our faces. Then we point fingers and laugh. Not quite the same as assassination but then again, maybe it is to people like Erick Erickson.

I think those three paragraphs say a whole lot more about Erick Erickson than they do about the Left, Media Matters or MSNBC. And I can’t help but wonder why this hack still has a job on CNN.

Adding …. Mr. Beale heard that Erickson thinks some MSNBC watcher “would love to kill Governor Palin” and cracked: “Wait, I though none of ’em have guns?” Which reminded me: I’m always amazed at the right’s two completely contradictory characterizations of us liberals, which they seem able to hold in their minds at the same time. We’re either weak-kneed surrender monkeys who are “soft on defense,” want to offer therapy and understanding to our enemies, and can’t be trusted to keep the nation safe OR we’re the whacked out anarchists rioting in the streets and fomenting civil unrest.

Cognitive dissonance much?


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12 responses to “Umm … CNN?

  1. >I keep hearing this "left does it too" meme on TV. Pawlenty did it on the Daily Show last night but it simply isn't true. When what passes for left wingers on TV criticize conservatives, they criticize their policies – they don't call for their murder. When was the last time a liberal politician said anything like the violent claptrap put out by Michelle Bachman, or Sarah Palin or Peter King? I simply can't think of a single instance.Sure now and then some random blogger with lefty views makes an extreme statement, but if it weren't for Drudge and Faux News, no one would ever know about it. Next time some bozo tries to tell you that the left uses violent rhetoric, ask him to give you the quote.

  2. >Yes well Matt Bai of the New York Times and Andrea Mitchell had to point to some anonymous DailyKos commenter to counter Palin's cross-hairs ad. As if they were the same! An anonymous commenter saying Gabby Giffords "is dead to me," which we all know means "I disown you" … well you can see how that is exactly the same as Palin saying "don't retreat RELOAD" and pointing to a picture of congressional districts in gun-sights. Yes exactly the same. Right.Don't get me started on Michelle Malkin or Glenn Beck … these are people with a national audience, not some obscure commenter on some corner of the internet.

  3. >CNN hired that ignorant hack because they were trying to cut in on the wingnutter demographic that flocks to Faux News, pure and simple. He has no other reason to be there.There were plenty of examples of leftists espousing violence and revolution in the late 60's and early 70's, but I can't remember any since then, and certainly none that get a nightly format like today's conservathugs do.This false equivalency theme is getting WAY fucking old, in my house.

  4. >There is no symmetry of free speech between two persons when one is armed and the other unarmed. When citizens brandish guns at town hall meetings, or employ the symbolism of guns in their rhetoric, or imply ‘Second Amendment remedies’ as an alternative to civil discourse, then their purpose is to intimidate, browbeat and threaten the safety of any who oppose them.From the beginning, hyper-partisan rhetoric has been the raison d’être behind the tea party movement, which started as an astroturfing tactic to up the ante and overawe the HCR debate. The impulse behind such rhetoric is to win by any means necessary and win at all cost. Of course, no one wins; everyone loses. Six innocent lives, for instance. And all the right wing cares about these days is justifying themselves with unbelievably callous rationalizations that distract from the debate we should be having.

  5. >Eric Erickson? You mean the well respected political analyst who called retired Supreme Court Justice David Souter a child-molesting goat fucker?THAT Eric Erickson?How button-popping proud the patriotic right must be of this lad.Really. Who wouldn't be?

  6. >There were plenty of examples of leftists espousing violence and revolution in the late 60's and early 70's, but I can't remember any since then..I dunno chief. I think it was more property damage and bombing unoccupied buildings and facilities. Symbionese Liberation Army and Manson really weren't politically motivated. The Weather Underground never did anything terribly destructive that I ever heard about. Even Black Panthers were more about justice than revenge. Yippies and Abbie Hoffman? Completely non-violent, like golden retrievers. There was nary a whisper about assassinations of conservative/war hawk politicians from any corner. Believe me. I was there. So… Respectfully…Bite thy tongue.

  7. >Cheney News Network.By increasing degree, ever since Ted Turner sold it.~

  8. >Well, Palinista's are already starting with the meme about death via twitter. Who the twitternista terrorists are, is the question. It reminds me of the woman that carved the O on her cheek.

  9. >Oh yeah, but it wasn't an O it was a backwards B … Ashley Todd…

  10. >Thanks for reminding me. I just can't keep all the batshit crazy,straight anymore.

  11. >Southern BealeNow that I think of it, a backwards O would have been fool proof!

  12. >Nanute:Unless the "O" was really a "0", the sign of "Zerro"** "Zorro" as read by a dyslexic teabaggist.